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Cross picture quotes

the-cross-was-for-us-all - Version 2Comments from people following the completion of this piece of artwork released in the run up to Good Friday, March 29th, 2013.

Kevin – thanks, Inspirational. Every bessing to you and yours in your ministry and service. Dr. Andrew Fergusson, Christian Medical Fellowship

Thank you for sharing this image. Yes, very moving and helpful. Can I use it freely? (I’m thinking of Easter publicity next year). Every blessing, Pastor Robert Green, Garland Street Baptist, Bury St. Edmunds

Dear Kevin, I just wanted to say I loved your piece and I think it will speak to many . I will be praying that the Lord continues to inspire you, use you and bless you. Jesus to be lifted high!!  always and forever!  in the midst of  london! and everywhere , Amen!God bless you. Emma Whybrow

Thanks Kevin, hope you and Val are well. God Bless, Ann Armstrong

Thankyou Kevin. We will be praying for you over Easter & trust you will have a very blessed time. Your art work is wonderful. Much love Deryck & Audrey Aldridge

Dear Kevin, Thank you for the Easter wishes and thoughts which I will study as I travel to Nepal at the end of the month. Thank you for the art work too – I find that inspiring and helpful. I am so pleased to hear the news of all that you do and I pray God will continue to fill you with His Spirit and give you all the creativity you need and wisdom as you work with children and adults. Val Dufour

Dear Kevin, Thank you for the information and paining. Rejoice in our crucified but risen Saviour. Yours sincerely, Dr Tony Nix

Thank you Kevin  – Superb. May I have your permission to use it on a Power Point presentation? Rev Pastor Paul Hodgson Church On The Way, Thetford

Thanks for that Kevin. And blessings to you too. Rev Helen Jary, Cloverfields Community Church

Hi,What an amazing picture.Hope you guys are well, we were near Cromer at the weekend on a family weekend and I was remembering Beach mission days with my brother Phil as we did one together in Hunstanton. Happy Easter, Sarah Harverson

Thank you so much Kevin, an inspiring image, quite lovely.  A very Happy and Blessed Easter to you and yours too. God Bless. Julia Phypers, St Mary’s, Thetford.

 Mr Moore, Thanks for sharing the pic, nice as always. See you after Easter & hope you have a good one too. Kind Regards… Hassan Sesay

Dear Kevin, I hope you and all the family are well. Thank you for the attached art work, it came at a very appropriate time. I was preparing for the school collective worship service at the church. I’m going to use the picture to illustrate that the story of Easter is for today as well as in history and relating the relevance of Christ’s death personally. Thanks once again. Love and God Bless. Cheryl Trice, Kent

Dear Kevin, thank you so much for this beautiful Good Friday image. It really speaks so powerfully. May he who loved us all so much fill our hearts with his love and a never ending gratitude. Love in Jesus. Elizabeth Goldsmith, Stanstead Abbotts

Dear Kevin, Thank you for sending your painting of the crucifixion of Christ, extremely moving, and I am glad you finished it finally. Also thank you for last night’s lesson, getting to the watercolour stage is really good.  You also said I must take a sketch book with me, to remain sharp; there is a whole sermon there, extending to keeping our own personal swords sharp, as in having the right words at the right time; being able to pray in truth for people; not allowing ourselves to be conformed to this world.  Being sensitive to the Holy spirit. And the winter landscape goes beyond just that, as seasons of winter in our lives, to have the faith to know beyond any doubting that Spring will come.  And with it, magnificent colours and music and understanding God. Will have to leave you with that, and carry on shortening hubby’s trousers.  By the way how can you teach art and about Jesus at the same time? Sincerely, Di Taylor

Hi Kevin, Thanks for this picture – it caught my attention so much that I printed it, framed it and it is now in our staffroom above the fireplace in full view of everyone!You have a beautiful way of capturing the moment and I hope you don’t mind that I have used your art in this way?I continue to pray for your work and enjoy reading about the different projects that you are involved in.Every blessing, Andrew Kirk – Amano Christian School, Chingola, Zambia

These are some comments from some artist friends around the world:

 A beautiful work.  Lynne Williams

 Superb and stunning work. Absolutely love it. The colours are just brilliant. Ken Smith

 A Dramatic and Amazing piece of Art, Kevart! I LOVE your design and Superb Colors!!! Excellent work! :)) Brenda

Kevart,,,Oh you know I love this…everlasting love…This is just beautiful. I know how inspired you were painting this…when joy and suffering meet! Thank you for painting this with all your/my heart, Kevart. Blessings, Ann Tartarski

Absolutely Beautiful!! soo touching! Timeless love!! Brilliant Composition Kevart!!

Congratulations! Warm regards, Rita Torfs

This is dynamic and emotional. Also vibrant use of color and unique drawing style and composition… This seems to be reminding modern society (the buildings) of Jesus’ sacrifice for humanity. AWESOME! Calonie Johnson

 Beautiful work,I love how the city buildings are updating what we already know.Good friday breaks my heart every year.Great work. All the best Krystyna Spink

 Incredible work,with the right colour tones as well. Marika Rozalia Seprenyi (Antal)