SKETCHCLUB was founded in October 2012 for people aged 9-80 plus years who are keen to develop their artistic skills & awareness. In the first two years Sketchclub ran from 6.30-8pm at Kings Street Baptist Church [opposite WHS in Thetford High Street] to produce artwork in a friendly environment, ideal for creative expression with encouragement & coaching from local artist Kevin Moore. The subject matter varies per month & people are able to work at their own pace. When we celebrated our first year anniversary we  enjoyed a beautifully designed cake, made by Moya, one of the Sketchclub artists, to mark the occasion.  In February 2015, Kevin set up an exciting Art Studio & significantly developed the work. Sketchclub is now running every Thursday evening and runs alongside art lessons and sessions serving children & adults in the local community. The Art Studio & Sketchclub along with lots of other art based sessions operates at the Charles Burrell Centre, Staniforth Road, Thetford [see below for details].

‘It was the first time I had eaten an oil paint tube, it was yummy!’

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‘Artists Palette’ made by Moya

Over the years we have done a number of pieces some to a set time & others over several sessions. We have tackled various subjects including still-life; portraiture; life drawing; animals & trees & landscape. We have used a variety of medium including pencils, oil pastels, watercolour pencils, conte, charcoal, graphite sticks & pen. The group are keen to learn & are developing in confidence, skill & technique.

‘It is very encouraging to see people artistically blossom.’


Art is a great hobby & excites many people from youngsters to seniors. The beauty is that you can do art when the weather is dark outside & you don’t need a lot of physical stamina. Sketchclub runs throughout the year, [apart from August & Christmas] & people are welcome to stay on for an optional extra hour till 9pm.

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Kevin now runs a popular 10 week drawing course suitable for those interested in developing their drawing skills

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 The lion’s mane’

How do I shade?

What pencils do I use to create this effect?

How can I prevent smudging?

What paper do I use?

Where can I get a pencil eraser?

How can I use a wash?

What is hatching & cross-hatching?

Students can ask questions & apply what they learn each week. As well as tutoring Kevin will produce work on a regular basis so students can see what techniques he uses & pick up tips along the way.

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‘The beauty is that you can do art when the weather is dark outside & you don’t need a lot of physical stamina.’

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‘Peacock butterfly dancing in a tapestry of leaves’

Kevin sets up & provides the reference material for students to work from. Sometimes photographic reference is projected onto a screen & other times it will be available in sheet form. As the group develops students will increasingly work on different themes trying out different medium at their own pace.

‘Knowing lines’

Kevin explains different drawing styles & techniques as demonstrated in the pencil portrait capturing the likeness of Albert Einstein. As students develop they capture fine details & develop speed of drawing, greater accuracy of marks and better observational skills.

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‘A load of scribble!’

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How do I use oil pastels?

What fixes conte?

What effects can I get using graphite?

Is there a time to use pen?

What benefit is there in using watercolour pencils?

How should I display my work?


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Kevin working in the open air with a class of students in Bedfordshire

Kevin encourages people to produce good quality work & to develop their skills. He demonstrates by giving tips along the way to students & looks to affirm & help people in their artistic journey. Kevin has many years teaching experience working in schools & adult education. He also runs several art days in Norfolk & Suffolk each year in June – September & an art holiday for 9-17 year olds in Thetford in August.

Kevin is developing The Art Studio in Thetford and running lots of art courses, clubs and lessons to people interested in developing their skills, expression and techniques. He is working with an age range of 5-80+ per week.

Kevin also runs Painting and Drawing Courses, each course lasts 10 weeks and will provide the student with a good range of experience using different medium.  Please enquire for details and how to book in.


‘Thetford forest, autumn colours’ ~ watercolours with watersoluble oil pastel

Learn how to paint & develop different effects with the brush; how to use washes; how to create light & darks; & when to use watercolour pencils/watersoluble pastels.

Painting is relaxing, therapeutic & absorbing. Many people take up the creative hobby later in life but it appeals to many children from an early age & young people who want to go on & get their art exams & possibly develop an art career. Paintclub appeals to children & young people right through to people in their senior years.


Kevin now runs a painting course over 16 weeks and an advanced one for 30 weeks

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Paintclub compliments Sketchclub & many people come to both groups. The group is friendly & helps people to use the brush with confidence. Paintclub helps people develop their awareness of colour & helps artists refine technique. It is recommended for those keen to develop their painting & observation skills.


Kevin has been exploring some film art over the past year. Can you guess this film?



Approximately 12 hours to design, illustrate & complete

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Morgan Freeman portrait, coloured pencil, 12 hours

Likenesses build on from drawing skills and are transferable to painting with adjustments made according to the medium used. This is my favourite subject area in art.


‘The beautiful eyes of a young actress called Sophia Loren’ – coloured pencil, Kevin



‘Sketchclub takes people on an art journey of discovery about themselves. You learn technique, apply concentration, receive encouragement & end up with very rewarding results.’

Kevin Moore – artist tutor

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 ‘A journey of patient application and observation skills, handled with utmost care. Very well done.’

 Work done by promising students who are developing month by month in their artistic expression.

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‘I am working with a good number of keen students hungry to learn & apply themselves, it’s very exciting!’


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Jackie put 30 hours into this colour pencil portrait using a circular pencil technique

 Kevin works with 50 people a week @ The Art Studio, Charles Burrell Centre, Thetford, teaching & encouraging them in their art work or their chess play.


‘Painting skills are very useful when on holiday or out visiting a beautiful scene. They can be used in the comfort of your home on a dark evening in December as much as outside on a hot summer’s day in August.’

Contact emails for Kevin: kevinmoore758@btinternet.com or kevinmooreface2facetrust@gmail.com

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