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Kevin runs events with people of varying ages from young children to adults giving opportunities for the production of inspired Biblical pieces of art. These spiritual pieces can be from a Bible passage or verse and will contain a spiritual message or challenge. Sometimes people may have had a revelation through a dream or vision that has been given from the Holy Spirit. These visual images can be expressed using a variety of different media and are normally large pieces of work. Teams or individuals can then present their work for all to see, explaining their thoughts and reasoning. These sessions are powerful and highly creative and all ages can work together.


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Artwork can speak prophetically of things to yet happen as foretold in the Bible. For example, the details of the crucifixion featured in the collage above & written about in Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53 are amazing when you consider they were recorded 700 years before the event occurred.

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Visual things accompanied by words are very powerful and if applied enforce the message so much more powerfully than just words. Jesus often used objects or visual things to illustrate a point, sometimes he would speak in parables, a visual story that the listeners could imagine & easily recall in their minds, even if they didn’t understand the meaning or relevance at the time. Below, we have artwork capturing the first miracle Jesus performed, turning the water into wine at a wedding celebration in the village of Cana.

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Old Testament themes are explored below,  I will let you fathom the meanings by spending some time looking at the pictures.


Today, we live in a fast moving visual age, where there are a plethora of TV channels presenting commercials every hour; where images are all around us, bombarding us all the time through the many screens we look at; magazines & newspapers we read; in shop windows we browse in & through the digital devices we use.


You can be flying 30000 feet up and still get commercials on screen!


Spiritual artwork from the Bible captures the imagination of old and young alike. Teams of people can work together after a briefing from Kevin. Often the event will  include a spiritual message visually presented by Kevin and volunteers to set the scene and illustrate how the Lord speaks to us today through the ‘eye gate’ in our minds. In the Bible in the book of Acts it says that the Lord can speak to us today through the Bible; through dreams and visions; through pictures and words of knowledge; through prophetic words; through objects; through other people; & circumstances. Has He spoken to you in the past year?


Jesus calming the stormy waves to the amazement of the disciples who were afraid of drowning.


Jesus and the parable of the sower distributing seeds that in some cases fell on good soil and rooted well and grew. The birds of the air gobbled up others whilst thorns chocked flowering plants in other areas. Some seed fell on rocky soil and did not produce. Has seed fallen into the ground of your life?


‘Where is your faith?’ Jesus said to the disciples as he addressed the winds and the waves to bring everything quickly to calmness. Do you ask Jesus to calm the stormy seas in your life when they suddenly spring up?


“Lazarus, come forth!” To the shock of many people, the man who had been dead for 4 days came to the front of the cave bound head to toe. Below, the parting of the Red Sea, enabling 600,000 Israelite men plus their families to walk through the Red Sea. Have you asked the Lord to open up ways for you in your life?


A range of mixed media can be used to create a spiritual piece of work.  Everyone plays a part in creating the piece of work in each team, no matter how old or young. Teams present their work, often other teams try to work out the message being communicated.


Jesus cast demons out of the demoniac man who many thought was completely mad. He was set free from demonic bondage by Jesus and soon after was clothed and calmly talked to Jesus. Should we be surprised that Jesus had authority in the spiritual realm?


Tim, Matthew and Paul visually expressed the story of Job, complete with sheep falling upside down from the sky, a dead camel & disaster hitting a house! What else can you see in this picture that you will find in the Book of Job in the Old Testament. In the story of Job, how did it end, why not take some time to read the Book of Job?



Becky, Hope and Annabel worked on the 10 plagues that humbled the Egyptians and Pharoah until he finally relented and allowed the Israelites to leave Egypt. They rejoiced as they left Egypt with an angel leading forth in a pillar of  cloud by night and a pillow of cloud by day.  Pharoah was hard hearted and only after the tenth and final plague did he consent to allow the Israelites [who had been held in bondage for 430 years] to leave. He would change his mind soon afterwards but the Jewish people were free to go. You can read what happened in the book of Exodus in the Bible.

the-cross-was-for-us-all - Version 5

Kevin one day had a vision that inspired this powerful piece capturing Christ, the Saviour of the world dying for mankind. The modern city of Birmingham is in the background. The original art piece done the week Kevin received the vision was done in collage [paper & oil pastels] and is displayed in the gallery section.

Most people coming to these events would not be artists but keen to have a go and create on paper. Kevin will be available to give guidance to groups, advising on materials & if required he can help a group by drawing something they find difficult.


If you would like Kevin to run a spiritual art workshop at  your church or event do contact him to arrange a suitable date. Kevin will supply a range of resources and materials. This is a picture of  team working with young people in a creative session at Sketchpad 2013.

These events are some of the many different creative events run by Face2Face Educational Trust. Kevin also runs Sketchpad, a residential holiday for 6 days for young people developing artistic skills. He puts on regional days at Assington Hall, near  Sudbury and local days in Thetford. Kevin set up in Sketchclub in 2012, a weekly art based club on Thursday evenings suitable for the artistically hungry folk aged from 9-80 plus years of age.

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If interested in booking Kevin to do an event or to discuss any of the details please email.

Contact email for Kevin: kevinmoore758@btinternet.com

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