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What can I offer your Church?

As an evangelist I have some years of experience assessing Church situations & suggesting practical ways to develop ministry.

With various skills, I can offer practical assistance in children, youth, family and adult ministries.

The starting point following a conversation is a meeting with a representative group from the Church, where I can ask questions and get a feel of where your church is and how it ticks, what are it’s aims, vision, strengths & weaknesses.

The follow on depends on the direction the Church wants to go, but it often begins with a day visit to meet more people, preach, have a working lunch, further meetings with PCC or church committee.


Does your Church need help in shining the light of Christ into the surrounding community?

Many Churches today are facing the problem of ageism & wonder what can be done?

Is your church about maintenance & survival or mission, outreach & new growth?

Do you have a viable children’s ministry?

Are you needing help engaging with families?

Do you have children’s ministry but no youth ministry?

Are you wandering what can be done to utilize the church building during the week?

Perhaps I can be of help? I am used to getting a ‘fast handle’ on their church resources, their heartbeat, their strengths & weaknesses  & to be able to suggest the right, sustainable course of action to effectively reach out into their communities.

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Can an art based project be something that would benefit your church?

What about a chess club to build relationally with people?

Perhaps a series of weekend mission’s to build with the community would be the right course of action?

Church ministry is varied & interesting across the denominational spectrum. Since my return from Sabbatical in mid August I have been very busy with the Sketchpad residential in August followed by ministry at Prince Andrews Chapel in Aldborough, near Cromer. Prince Andrews asked me to lead & speak in their morning service & stay for lunch & attend their church meeting inputting as appropriate. As a result they asked me to return for the next meeting on a Sunday afternoon in mid November. In October I preached at Cliffe in Kent, Suffolk Road in Sudbury, Swaffham Baptist in Norfolk & then ran the Checkmate residential in Bedfordshire, followed immediately by the Letton Hall weekend for a church in Willingham. The Sunday after was the follow up meeting for Prince Andrews Chapel in Aldborough. Two of the next three Sundays I have been at New Church in Great Cornard & then Cliffe Christian Mission in Kent. So you can see the ministry has been full & varied, with lots of variety complimenting the regular pattern of teaching I do in schools, the club work with children & young people in churches & schools & visits into the half way house during the week.

I have also recently spoken at Bradfield St. George’s ladies group in Suffolk one evening & shared my testimony using my art shots. This is something I have done at Hopton ladies group in afternoon & coffee evening & has been appreciated.

Working with a range of churches keeps me sharp & focused & everything I say I try to underpin with prayerful consideration & godly wisdom. Many times I am able to offer practical support into the suggestions made resulting in churches keen to employ me to w0rk in partnership with them.

Working in partnership with the local church is a sound way of working, dovetailing with the resource on the ground, helping them forwards & encouraging them. Spurring Churches on in their holy walk is essential to building up the Kingdom of God. I see this aspect of the work of Face2Face as very important & compliments the ongoing work in schools & clubs happening each week.

I believe as an evangelist, I can see things sharply & can be an effective instrument in God’s hands working with churches who have sometimes lost the strategic direction in the way they should be working. If you would like me to come to your church to help you in your discussions regarding strategy, outreach, reaching out to children, young people, families & putting on suitable & sustainable programmes/events with the resources available, then please get in touch.

Kevin Moore ~ Evangelist

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