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Val and I wrote & illustrated the Groundbreakers book as a holiday club resource for churches in 2000 and it has been used thousands of times up and down the country and abroad. If you would be interested in asking me to talk to your church about Groundbreakers as a construction themed mission for children and families then please contact me. It is ideal to give 12 months notice for my diary booking and to properly prepare the church for the mission project.

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Groundbreaking mission is creative, fun, challenging and thoroughly biblical.

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‘Thank you for impacting the lives of children in Hutton and the surrounding areas and for sharing the precious word of God with the Groundbreakers team. We are all blessed to have worked with you. May the Lord God Almighty enrich you in all areas of your life and continue to use you greatly. Thank you so much. Remain blessed.’ Kemi [one of the leaders of Shining Light Pentecostal Church, Shenfield]

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In the Groundbreakers training Kevin will unpack the teaching to your church and answer any practical questions.

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Many churches realize that the cutting edge ministry of the church into their community is vital to build relationships and earn the right to share the Christian faith. They acknowledge the importance of evangelism and are intentional on planning time, finance, energy, coupled with excellent teamwork into such outreach initiatives. A partnership with an experienced evangelist can help them put together an appropriate mission package to suit their church. Kevin offers a church consultancy to help advise your church in the direction to invest in and can offer practical assistance too.

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Kevin advises on the nuts and bolts of the Groundbreakers ministry and other forms of ministry as appropriate.

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Memory verses are built into each day’s teaching and children and team are encouraged to learn the verses.

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Kevin can teach & demonstrate the theme song, complete with actions.

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Groundbreakers builds in a 5 day holiday club, plus a mission weekend including a celebratory all-age service as part of the 7 day mission. Of course some churches may want to do a shorter version depending on resources available. Groundbreakers is flexible to adapt to a shorter mission but the maximum groundbreaking impact will be felt by churches doing the 7 day mission week. Kevin may be available to help your church in its outreach to children and families. Kevin is very versatile and can build in specialized events for young people and men if required.

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Kevin can offer bite sized family weekends for churches unable to put on a Groundbreakers week.

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