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Yes, builders had arrived in a village called Stambourne in North Essex but with a difference, they were happy, sang songs, learnt from the bible and made things they would be able to take home.


I have been leading Groundbreakers a holiday club at Stambourne Chapel in North Essex in lovely late August weather. The small rural chapel has been this week tranformed into a hive of activity around a construction theme with builders [children] and foremen [team] working with me [Site Manager] to present an action packed week of activities.

‘Jesus is around now, still breaking new ground, wow…’



Grace, an enthusiastic builder, who loved the daily Digger sheets, summed many of the children’s thoughts when she declared before the barbeque: “I wish Groundbreakers was on for another week!”


After some action packed songs [that helped everyone to loosen up for the morning, open their lungs and get in good voice], Kevin presented a daily story accompanied with drawn visual aids to help animate the Bible story and bring the passage alive to children and adults alike. Bible characters: Nehemiah, Elijah and Hezekiah [new stories to many attending]  were explored each having a unique groundbreaking theme running through their story. A key bible verse would be displayed as part of the visual display.

‘Answer me, answer me, O Lord, that the people will know that You, O Lord, are God…’


One afternoon we did some team games in the local park, another afternoon we did a junk modelling challenge in teams and made the church a building site full of design and creative energy. A barbeque was served on the third afternoon with many children and families attending and no one was stung by any wasps!

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Adrian and helpers discussing their plans for their new construction invention called: Activator. I think the adult helpers enjoyed the activities as much as the children!


Winning team with RALPH, their lightweight state-of-the-art invention, complete with experienced driver.

My daughter has had such a lovely time, she hasn’t stopped talking about it,” said one mum to me as we ate a hot dog & some delicious tomatoes and salad.


Prizes were awarded to the best dressed builder [Grace], winning teams & individuals in the various competitions [like the team games on the field that was won by Jill’s team with excellent running by Charlie and wheelbarrow by Elliott].  Mark’s team won the junk modelling challenge in designing an innovative construction vehicle that was state of the art and made out of cardboardium, a brand new material that was lightweight but strong enabling the vehicle to fly effectively and go on water. This design was called RALPH and would sell for £999. Kevin had arranged for Mrs Eva Kuzininski, a multi-millionaire construction investor to fly into the country from Warsaw and chose one of the competing designs to invest her millions.  Eva, who had seven children herself, loved Groundbreakers and seeing such enthusiastic builders. The other design called an Activator was a close second but had a few areas to develop further. It was lovely to see chlldren of all ages working in partnership with their adult helpers and supervisors & operation clear up was quick and impressive.

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Builders of all ages invade the chapel site, it was groundbreaking stuff!


Kevin will finish Groundbreakers with a celebratory service on Sunday at the chapel and will speak on Jesus, the Cornerstone.  Children will be able to take away Groundbreakers displays on Sunday. Groundbreakers is a timeless holiday club that was written and produced as a church resource by Kevin and Val Moore and has been used up and down the country with great effect. A CD of songs is available from Kevin. If your church would be interested in asking Kevin to help you run Groundbreakers then please get in touch, it can be used in small, medium and big churches where there is a prayerful heart, willing helpers and a vision for mission.  

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for Groundbreakers in Stambourne and the wonderful time we all had together, learning, singing, making things and the fun games. Thank you for breaking new ground in our lives and helping us to learn more about ‘walls higher – Nehemiah’, ‘expert engineer – Elijah’ & daring designer – Hezekiah’.   Most of all we thank you that Jesus can be ‘the Cornerstone of our lives and our churches’.  Amen  

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