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The Rural Ministries conference in October was a good time to join up with 100 plus folk from around the UK to discuss the subject of ‘change’. Over the weekend there were a variety of inputs and workshops that looked at this subject and how it effects us all in a world of continual change. Good fellowship was enjoyed in between sessions over coffee and during the meal times. I took a couple of chess sets and got some games in particularly against two young people who I met last year, William and Ruiri. As a result they booked in along with their sister to Face2Face Checkmate residential holiday in August that I facilitate.

The worship was led very naturally by Greg Leavers who I worked with at Easter People in 2010 and it was good to chat with him. Greg comes out with some great throw away lines…

‘God enjoys being God’

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‘The heartbeat of the Father is the lost, the lost, the lost…’

I had a good chat over breakfast with Richard Underwood from the FIEC on the evangelistic challenge to the Church in today’s world.

‘Why do we find change so difficult? Because of the fall.’

‘God did not intend us just being park keepers but pioneers of the Kingdom.’

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‘The Son of God became sin so that we might become the sons of God.’ C.S.Lewis

‘We are created to be God’s great change agents in a world that needs to change desperately.’


‘If we are rooted in Him, change will not hurt us.’

Rural Ministries is a Christian organization supporting churches in rural contexts and overlaps with my own ministry with Face2Face Educational Trust, as many churches I go to are operating in the rural context with limited resources, small to medium congregations & often aging congregations. Several church groups I knew from visiting their churches. In all RM networks with approximately 60 churches that are predominantly in England.

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‘We need to pray for the Church because I’m not sure God has a plan B!’ Simon Mattholie

‘When God looks at coal He sees diamonds.’

I have recently been asked to write an article for RM on using how churches can use art in their ministry within their communities and am willing to help any RM church if they would like to make contact.

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‘In order to advance the Kingdom of God we need to keep in step with the Holy Spirit.’

‘Growth of the Kingdom of God requires continual change. What is the consequence of doing it? What is the consequence of not doing it?’

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