Face2Face Educational Trust is a Christian Trust that facilitates ministry in schools/churches and in the local community of Thetford. It is a mixture of Christian ministry within churches and educational ministry in schools and the local community. Kevin Moore, the full time worker is based on the Norfolk/Suffolk border and works within the geographical area of East Anglia and beyond as appropriate.


Objectives and Activities:

The overall objective of the Trust is to put on educational projects/events/lessons/courses for children and adults, young people and families. Kevin uses his artistic talents and chess skills, coupled with his interest in games and people skills in working with a wide range of ages. Some events promote the Christian faith in ways relevant to children, young people and families throughout England and Wales.

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These objectives through a variety of educational projects, examples of which are listed below:-


Each week in Thetford Kevin leads ‘Thetford Youth and Community Chess Club’ with the aim of developing the skills of those attending as well as using chess in an imaginative way & strategic way.

Further opportunities for developing budding chess players come through contacts with schools and Kevin visits schools giving chess lessons and playing the children at chess, sometimes playing a simultaneous display taking on a number of players at the same time. He will do lessons linked with chess and sometimes link them with RE. Kevin does monthly chess open-air sessions in the forecourt of King Street Baptist Church taking on members of the public and teaching people. In August each year this is expanded by holding a residential holiday, ‘Checkmate’ which is for 9–17 year olds at the Chellington Centre near Bedford.

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Since 2008 when it began, the holiday has been popular attracting people from across England and from other countries like South Korea and France. Bible studies each day link in a unique way with the game of chess.

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Kevin was asked to set up the chess ministry with men at the Christian Vision For Men weekend, June 2016


Art and Photography

Art and photography are two important ingredients in Kevin’s life, indeed his early training was in this area. He is a gifted artist and many of his works can be seen on the Face2Face website. He uses his gifting in this whole creative area to good effect. His photographs often inform his paintings/drawings and some can be seen on this site.


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He set up The Art Studio in February that enables Kevin to put on lessons from Monday to Thursday for children, young people and adults. Sketchclub is the most established club that has now been going for nearly 3 years. Since February, Kevin has worked with many people in art & chess related activities at The Art Studio. The lessons Kevin runs include Painter’s Palette for adults, Budding Artists for 5-8 young families, The Art of Drawing, Sketchclub, Watercolour Washes & Paintclub & the Thetford Youth & Community Chess Club. He aims to build on the good foundation laid over the initial months.


Kevin uses his teaching/coaching skills to good effect at The Art Studio in the Charles Burrell Centre with lots of students from children to adults. He believes encouragement with constructive comment is the best way to take people forward. He will demonstrate as appropriate but allow space for the student to develop their skills.


Sometimes some surprise visitors drop by!

Kevin holds an educational holiday for young people aged from 9 to 17 at the Chellington Centre, called ‘Sketchpad’. Here youngsters are given opportunities to produce artwork, learn sketching skills and explore watercolours, pastels, conte, charcoal, graphite, pen and a variety of mixed medium. The residentials are surrounded by beautiful countryside overlooking the Harold Odell Country Park. Kevin takes children on a journey resulting in many of them producing some amazing artwork themselves. Bible inputs are related to art and often make links with Master Artists and Bible passages. Art can be a great way of expressing the natural beauty surrounding us, capturing the details of nature, animals, people, sunsets, seascapes & landscapes.

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Art is the focus for the creative Assington Art days that are held several times each year at Assington Hall near Sudbury and Thetford.


Churches too benefit from Kevin’s gifts as an artist as he leads sessions looking at some of the works of Masters that portray biblical scenes, shares his testimony through art and leads ‘Biblical Art’ days for families.

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Midweek children’s clubs, youth work and family weekends


Kevin has been involved in children & youth work since his 20’s & runs powerful, action packed sessions

Kevin supports midweek children’s clubs in churches using his artistic and communication gifts to share the message of God’s love to the human race with the children and young people. Kevin leads the Elmswell Baptist children’s club for primary aged children and Wired young people’s events at St. Mary the Virgin in West Bergholt for 10-15 year olds. The Elmswell Baptist work has been going since January 2000.

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In addition Kevin will lead family weekends and church based holiday clubs for primary aged children. For this Kevin, with his wife Val, wrote and illustrated the ‘Groundbreakers’ holiday club material back in 2000. This has been used many times up and down the country and during the last year Kevin has used it for a holiday club in two churches from different denominations working together in Hutton and Shenfield in Essex. The material is creative, fun, challenging and thoroughly biblical and links with Bible characters from the Old and New Testaments with a construction theme.

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As well as the activities mentioned above there are many other areas of ministry such as church preaching and teaching engagements, leading church prayer sessions and developing the Face2Face website. Kevin works with 10 churches a year.

Ministry within the Church


Kevin is working with up to ten churches a year in various ways. This may be in the form of leading an all-age service; preaching; training churches for a church based mission; running a children’s club during the week, or youth work on a Friday evening.  It can also mean speaking at meetings in the week, such as a ladies coffee evening or afternoon gathering of senior citizens.

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Working in the open air with families as part of a Church of England work in their community linked to the Tour De France events in Chelmsford.

An example of ongoing ministry is Elmswell Baptist children’s ministry on Tuesday evenings and Wired the West Bergholt youth work in Colchester. In both cases Kevin was instrumental in partnering with the two churches to establish these important ministries to children and young people and inputs into both on a regular basis.


The Groundbreakers holiday club is a construction themed resource that can be used by churches to reach out to children and families.  Kevin and Val wrote the material for an Overstrand Beach Mission in 1999 and by the end of 2000 it was published by Scripture Union and over the past years has been used to inspire thousands of church based holiday clubs up and down the land and abroad. Kevin is keen to offer this undated resource to churches in East Anglia as appropriate. Stambourne Chapel situated in rural Essex, gave Kevin a great opportunity to mission in August 2013. Kevin will take it to two churches working in partnership in Hutton, Essex in July 2014, [Hutton Free Church and Shining Light, a Pentecostal church].

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Ministry with the Church in the community

This may take the form of an outreach event in a neutral venue, aimed at building relationships in the local community. It can also be partnering with a Church to lead a Christian club in a school.

School based work

Kevin runs the Thetford Youth and Community Chess club on Wednesday evenings at The Art Studio for young people and adults. The relational work of these local chess initiatives was experienced at the residential Checkmate holiday in August as some local children booked into the Checkmate and Sketchpad residential holidays..

Kevin also offers specials within schools in art and chess as well as Christian assemblies that are designed to open up a Bible story using visual aids to make the biblical passage come alive to the children.  Kevin has recently been asked to visit a Kings Lynn school to teach chess and input biblically to twenty boys and girls from the chess club. He has been asked to take them on in a chess simultaneous display by the Head teacher.


 Residential Young People Holidays


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Sketchpad is an art based residential holiday for young people aged 9-16 years based at the Chellington Centre on the Bedfordshire/Northamptonshire border. This develops artistic skills, techniques and expression within the context of a Christian environment and daily biblical devotions linking in with Rembrandt’s artwork. The holiday is creative and builds artistic confidence as well as being biblically educational and spiritually formative.

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Checkmate is a chess based young people’s holiday aimed at 9-17 year olds from all over the UK and abroad. It develops chess skills, tactics and logic solving abilities. The team of volunteers are Christians who serve alongside Kevin to enable the residential holiday to work well. Daily devotions are aimed at engaging the chess players with the moves that God makes in the Bible stories. The holiday is very competitive and much fun and eternal seeds are sown within young lives.

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Creative Art Ministry

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Kevin set up Sketchclub following the Sketchpad residential holiday in the autumn of 2012. This runs each Thursday evening from 6.30-9pm and is aimed at artistically hungry people aged 9-80 years of age. Sketchclub teaches all things to do with drawing and sketching and over the past 18 months has built up a keen group of  regular artists from 9-75 years of age. Paintclub happens on the Monday evenings and a variety of lessons occur now from Monday to Thursday at The Art Studio in Thetford.

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Kevin offers specials to churches using art this may involve running a biblical art session for families or sharing his testimony using art to an adult audience in an afternoon or evening.

A good example of this was the Thetford URC church hosting a Pentecost art festival in May and asking Kevin to run a family afternoon and to exhibit some of his work during the week.  Stambourne Chapel put on a similar event and asked Kevin to run a family afternoon event in North Essex. This led to an ongoing church relationship that led to a summer holiday club in August, several preachments and a visit to run the local school Christian club.

Kevin has spent some time researching biblical art from past Master artists. Last autumn he researched over 50 artists from the renaissance period in the late 14th century, to the present day. He is using some of this teaching during inputs at Sketchclub and in church preachments. The research will be very useful for the Sketchpad residential holiday this August.

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Kevin paints at Assington Hall and uses the facility to put on some art family day events using the grounds and buildings.


Kevin is using his own art and photography to illustrate biblical verses. This material is used in sermon presentations, PowerPoint’s and on the Face2Face website.

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Street Chess

On the first Saturday of the month [if the weather is dry] you will find Kevin in the forecourt of Kings Street Baptist church, in the heart of Thetford, where he takes on people from the high street from 12.30-2.30pm. He invites players from the chess club to join him. He sometimes sets up in the playground of the primary school and takes on school children or gets them all playing to an appropriate level.  The aim of these open-air events would be to raise profile and to build relationships with potentially interested customers for the future.

Kevin is able to offer specialised training and expertise to churches nationally in art and chess.

He has recently made links with a retired pastor in Perth who has started a chess ministry called Chess Connections.



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Kevin runs Prayershakers on the final Friday of each month at The Art Studio in Thetford from 7.30-9pm [not August]. Kevin offers teaching on specialist subject areas like prayer and biblical art. He often speaks about the importance of prayer. He has developed Prayershakers, a powerful morning or evening practical session for adults keen to pray and be inspired to pray. He offers Prayershakers to churches in East Anglia and beyond as appropriate.

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Face2Face is able to offer a variety of church and school based ministries to children, young people, families and adults. Some are long term, relational, people projects; others are specific one off events. Some of the ministry is educational, other facets of the ministry more overtly Christian in content. Face2Face is building with new contacts and churches each year.

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These are just some of the activities Face2Face Educational Trust offers.

Kevin Moore


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