Kevin recently ran the Art Workshop as part of the Diocesan Education Week in Norwich Cathedral. The theme was the three persons of The Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Kevin worked with 500 children and their teachers during the week from a number of Church of England schools across Norfolk.screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-13-32-521500 children attended during the week from approximately 30 primary schools. The Diocesan special educational week has been running for several years and helps build with schools across Norfolk.screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-13-19-29

Kevin presented an interactive visual message during one of the corporate worship services held each day as a finale of the day’s activities.screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-13-35-36

A dance was performed by one of the schools as part of the worship time. Workshops ran throughout the morning, stimulating the children in their thoughts about the three persons of The Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Kevin set up ready for his first Art Workshop. Other workshops included: Prayer spaces, dance, music, craft, storytelling, banner making, etc.


Examples of work Kevin produced during the week to stimulate the children into thinking about The Trinity. Kevin would help children in drawing out images that would help them express their ideas in art. They worked on individual art pieces that could be finished and displayed at school. 



The Cathedral displayed a banner on The Trinity that was explained to the children during one of the services, you can see underneath are some of the prayers made by the children from the different schools. 8 prayers were read out per day by the children during the service and by the end of the week I counted well over a hundred prayers put together as Prayer Bunting around the service area.


Cathedrals are impressive places, built to the glory of God and over recent years many Cathedrals open their doors to schools for educational purposes. Norwich Cathedral was built over 900 years ago and has been the seat of the Bishop of Norwich. After studying the list of Bishops who have reigned in office over the centuries Kevin found they reigned from 2 to 37 years.


One day Kevin read about the Labyrinth Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth had opened in 2002 as part of the Golden Jubilee Celebration. It illustrates how life is a journey and how we can follow the way of Christ on our journey of life by seeking and finding him. 


Kevin loved the line on this impressive plaque:

“All who arrive as guests are to be welcomed like Christ.”

As Kevin read this plaque he heard a shuffling noise and turned to his right to see a figure coming down the steps. A small woman shuffled slowly along towards him in the Cloister area. Kevin felt the Lord with him and pondered if this was an angel in disguise, he immediately grabbed his camera and caught a spontaneous picture. She walked past and went to the end and gradually up some steps.  Kevin went through the doors into the Cathedral and read about some art galleries in Norwich. Two of the educational team joined him and volunteered to tell him about the candles that had been lit in a large globe metal frame situated not far from where he was standing. They told him about the woman who likes to light the candles as part of her service to God, who lives in the Cathedral grounds. Kevin immediately knew who they were talking about and smiled to himself as he thought of Jesus’ teaching of the widow putting in a small coin into the offering pot in contrast to the ostentatious offerings put in by those who were well off. Jesus highlighted how the widow was giving everything that she had. No wonder he had felt the presence of God as the lady walked past him in the Cloister corridor.