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Shell Art

Shell Art by Kevin Moore

Shell Art

If you would be interested in drawing shells and capturing textures you would be interested in the drawing lessons I offer at The Art Studio, Thetford. You can work with me in capturing the shapes and colours, create your own design, develop your artistic skills under my encouragement and creative guidance. Drawing lessons are £4 an hour and are flexible to fit in with you, lessons are normally 2 hours, painting lessons are £5 an hour, normally lessons are 2-3 hours to make painting worthwhile. I supply the creative instruction, the materials and the inspiring Art Studio environment. The Art Studio is a creative hub in Thetford, responsible for nurturing and developing artistic talent amongst children and adults of all ages from 5-80+ years per week. Come along, express your talent and be inspired.

Film Art

Film art interests children and young people particularly. If you would like to learn how to create some unique film art come along to any of the classes listed below under the tutorship of a versatile artist with lots of years of teaching experience from schools, colleges and further education.

Kevin runs the following classes suitable for those hungry to develop their art skills, please contact for more details, you can just turn up and join in, feel free to come along and meet me beforehand if you would like to. Please note prices are current and may increase in the new year.