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Snow Creations!

I did it, the snow chess knight completed in 3 hours on Saturday, March 3rd, 2018, the hardest of the chess pieces and a personal challenge to conquer. The snow has to be just right to do it and the previous days had given me opportunities to make Charlie, a conventional snowman with some help from Katie and Chloe and Sam and proudly stood in the field at the Charles Burrell Centre. The following day, I had the idea for snow to be collected in a large container. The weather was blizzard like and so better to use the snow inside The Art Studio and build it together with children who did not know how to make a snowman, let a lone a snow owl. We achieved a two foot owl and dressed him up with paint and hat and gloves and he then modeled for a drawing class with children and adults. I transported him back outside and positioned him next to Charlie, so they could be company for each other the rest of the week. The following day, with some helpers, we strengthened Charlie and Cedric.

Now the Saturday, there had been fresh snow overnight so my oil painting class was cancelled due to the extreme weather and my student not being able to get out of her road, due to ice. At around noon time I had the spontaneous thought to try the snow, wondering if it would be the right snow that you get very occasionally that is great for modeling. It proved to be and 3 hours later,  after some hard, creative graft, you see the end result. Quite an achievement and a great feeling to finally accomplish.

The recent snowfall had been the worst for many years and these opportunities come around few and far between. 6 years ago, I made a King and then Queen chess pieces that were a monstrous 8 feet tall. The knight although around five and half feet was technically more challenging due to the shape of the horse’s head. I loved the challenge and posted the pic on social media in the Thetford Forum. Within a short period of time, there were over 70 likes plus encouraging comments.

Kevin Moore