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Himalayan Shoes

When I saw the poverty in Nepal I was moved to do something about it. In the Himalayas this was acute & when I witnessed a little girl playing with a drawing pin I realised that something could be done to help. I am aiming on sending out some shoeboxes each year with shoes & goodies, toys, arty stuff, lightweight items to bless some families. If you would like to donate towards this project please use the give.net facility or send me a cheque made payable to Face2Face Educational Trust. I would add a letter & be sending to real people I have met in the country.

You can now support Face2Face Educational Trust online, using our give.net donation page from Stewardship! Can you spare some funds to help people walk in the himalayas? Many Tibetan people have inadequate shoes with holes in their toes & little grip on the soles. They walk on slippery stones & mountain passes & climb to high altitudes over 3000 metres!


You can give quickly and easily using a credit or debit card, you DO NOT need to have a Stewardship account to give through Give.net. Just follow the simple, online instructions as I did!

The first three boxes are being sent in November. One to an orphanage in Kathmandu, one into the Himalayas & one to a family in Battar. Please pray for these parcels to arrive safely, to be a great blessing in each area & to open doors of witness.

In the first week of December 2012 after 3 weeks had passed, news of the parcel getting through to the Himalayas was received with joy. Later that week the parcel to the orphanage also got through. I have no news yet of the one to poor family in Battar. I have now purchased 3 pairs of shoes to send out. Lovely story behind this one… I was having my car serviced so was walking to a school that I teach chess at in Thetford. It was cold & wet & allowed myself more time than usual as I was on foot. I was 15 minutes early so I went to a shop nearby & looked for some prizes. However, the Lord had another plan & led me to an area of clothing. Within seconds I found a shoe area & beyond the initial layer of shoes found a pair of walking boots, size 4. I thought Dolma size 4! Underneath those were another pair, size 7, I thought Kartok, size 7! To the side was one pair of men’s size 9 shoes, I thought Dolma’s brother! Oh, wow! Lord you are so good! I looked to the ceiling & smiled as only He knew I was looking for ladies walking boots with grip, size 4 & 7 & men’s size 9. Never let any one say to you that the Lord is not practical!

Dear Kevin,
First of all, thanks you for sending the precious and lovely gifts to us and we have received it yesterday, Saturday. Kids were pretty excited to see those and express theirs thank.

Well, at present; kids are having their exam time and since we are in freezing winter, they are really in test. Although, we have snow in high mountain, we do not have it here but the water will be freezing. And the climate too. We have not see the Sun for two or more weeks. Any way we enjoy the winter.

How are you doing?  A lost of remembrance and love from kids and thank for the picture too.
Hope to hear from you soon. And by the way, I along with my wife and son are thankful for your love and concern. May God bless you. Due to weather, we would have very rare football practices.

Roshan & Sanu
All Children

dear brother

i hope that you all are fine over there with good health.thought we are very far from each other but also we remember very deeply.so today i got your parsal so iam very happy to receive.iam for 3days in dhunchen.now you can sent us shoes in same address and i can take easily.now your festival also coming soon.i like to wish you a merry christmas to you,all of your families and your friends.you knew my shoes size very well.when you will come to Nepal?i will do free guide you can inform me soon.take care of your health.

dolma lama

You can now support Face2Face Educational Trust online, using our give.net donation page from Stewardship! Can you help poor people have shoes to walk in?


Below is a picture of a family I would like to help whom I visited  & shared with for an afternoon.  I sketched one of the children & went to the shop & brought them all sweets. I gave some money to the mother to help her family. I have also attached a shoe illustration done in my Sketchclub class in December. As I was drawing it I was thinking how much I take my shoes for granted. I just go to the cupboard, select the shoes required & put them on. Supposing you didn’t have any shoes or the ones you had had holes in and no sole or grip! That is how it is with some poor people in Nepal whom I met & engaged with. I would like to do something about it. See the Nepal Project article also on the website. http://www.face2facetrust.org.uk/questions/how-will-you-use-your-hands-feet/

When Kevin trekked in the Himalayan mountains he met a number of Tibetan people who exist on little material possessions. They do not have electricity or many items of modern equipment. In Langtang & the villages before & after, I noticed a need of shoes. I was chatting to a porter [mountain bag carrier] who wanted my boots! My boots were far too big at size 11 but I did look at his feet & shoes to determine the size required. His shoes were full of holes & no grip on the soles. He would have to walk on slippery mountain slopes carrying packages over the year. Over the four days trekking in the Langtang National Park area of the Himalayas I took a number of shoe orders as I become known as Kevin the shoe man! I want to raise the need before you as this is something that Face2Face can take on as a practicall project to help people in need in one of the poorest areas of one of the poorest countries in the world. If you would like to give towards this project, please write cheques out to ‘Face2Face Educational Trust’ & add a little note to indicate the ‘Himalayan Shoe Project.’ I am thinking of packages that could be sent with some appropriate Christian literature, some socks & maybe a lightweight watch. Who knows, perhaps I will be able to go back out to Nepal & deliver them in the Tibetan villages? ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!’ I have written about the trip to Nepal in the Moore Newsletter. If you would like me to come & share about the trip & needs in the country please book me up to speak in your church or school.

Langtang village is 3500 metres above sea level, the mountain, Langtang Lurang is over 7200 metres high & overlooks the village. See photo gallery for some photographs. Kevin is developing a Face2Face link with an orphanage in Kathmandu; the Tibetan people in the Himalayas & a a poor Nepalese family.

Kevin Moore ~ Face2Face Educational Trust January 2013