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For further enquiries please contact me: email: kevinmoore758@btinternet.com or telephone: 01842 750060

Places are limited, so book early to guarantee a place.

Please email me with any questions and do read the reports from the previous year for the holidays.

Team forms can be downloaded [see forms or contact me by email to send to you].

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Checkmate was an exhilarating residential holiday for young people from all over the country and had a distinctly international flavour. Young people attended from South Korea and France, other young people were from Latvia, Ukraine, Germany and  Australia but live in England. The holiday met all expectations, it was very competitive in every aspect whether it be the chess tournament, the football, cricket, baseball, bowls, kwik cricket, spiderball, marshmellow building activity or the Bible quiz.

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Kevin asked Robert: ‘Have you washed today? 

‘Wot, it’s morning!’ came the reply with astonishment on his face!

Checkmate was in it’s sixth year and showed that it is developing and maturing as the years go by. Five junior leaders have come through the holiday and are maturing in their faith and responsibilities. Leaders and junior leaders play in the chess tournament minus a queen and with ten minutes less on their clock. Younger boys and girls play with 25 minutes on their clock so it makes it pretty competitive and quite an even playing field. To win without a queen against some of these younger players is becoming quite a task! Daniel in the end won the play off final against Simon [both scored 53 points and Jaden won the younger player prize with a super 50 points. Kevin came third with 51 points.


‘En Passant, En Passant!’ – Young Hun

A simultaneous display by Kevin and Big Andy against all the 19 young players proved an exciting evening. Daniel gave the most resistance but prizes were awarded for the six best games. Kevin and Big Andy won 19-0 but couldn’t discuss their moves and played as a team. Please note it was much harder than the scoreline suggested!


Aside of the chess there were lots of competition in various games indoor and outdoor. Kwik cricket proved a hit indoors and football and cricket was appreciated outdoors in the park and country park. A bowls challenge was won by Reuben and Bulldog and Blobtag were great energy burning games. Spiderball, the game Kevin invented, proved to capture the imagination as teams battled against each other. The Bible ‘find-a-verse’ was fun with Jake winning overall. Devotions were led by Kevin and interactive in style, giving opportunities for all to be involved. Kevin asked the question daily: ‘What move did God make?’ To chess players that question is immediately understood as a good player will look at the game planning some moves in advance. The young leaders shared their stories one evening with the opportunity for questions from the young people.


‘My name’s Jim and I work in a button factory…’

Some fun games like Guesstures, Scattagories and drawing challenges were included one evening. A marshmallow building activity was set early on in the week with dry spaghetti to build the structures. A Monster King chess knock out was held with Jaden winning the final against Seth. Prizes were presented as the week went on and many on the last day to the winners and runners up of the various competitions. Face2Face mugs were presented to those new to Checkmate and were appreciated with Rosie clutching on to hers like it was gold dust until she was collected later on.

The Korean young people enjoyed the week and grew in confidence in their language usage. It was good to talk to James and Nam the team helpers about Korea [both North and South]. Andrew a maths professor set some chess/math puzzles for teams to solve one evening, all stimulating stuff!A late night sleeping bag party was much enjoyed on Thursday night and an earlier visit to the shop had given everyone the chance to stock up with goodies.

As you can see the residential was full of action packed stuff, richly enjoyed and everyone gained a lot from the experience. Friends were made from different places and countries, stories were shared, jokes were told and many laughs occurred. Next year’s Checkmate will be in high demand and places are likely to go quickly. The dates will be the same week and booking forms will be out in September [those attending this year will get first option].


Kevin: ‘It’s time for bed.’

Adrian: ‘Why do I have to go?

Kevin: ‘It’s nearly one o’clock and because your eyes are red!’

Jake, a game buff was caught playing Daniel in a version of ‘Scottish chess’ [a new one on me] late one night. Maybe we will have a knock out competition with that version next year! Big Andy did well in organizing the daily chess puzzle competition, enjoyed by many. Points are given for written answers to the six or seven puzzles per day and they start easy and end up difficult. Matthew won the puzzle competition with Reuben collecting the younger person prize.

Kevin asked: ‘What do you like about Checkmate?’

Jake: ‘I like the whole package, the games you come up with, the chess, the cricket, football, food, everything.’ It should be noted that Jake has been every year since it began in 2008 and is now a young leader.

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Boys and girls ready for the chess simultaneous display against Big Andy and Kevin. Andy and Kevin would work as a team but were not able to confer over any moves, discuss tactics or give any coded messages.

 If you are interested in Checkmate please do enquire for details and download the latest booking form.

 Kevin Moore

Contact emails for Kevin: kevinmoore758@btinternet.com



Kevin ran Sketchpad, the art holiday for young people in the beautiful grounds of Chellington in Bedfordshire in early August. The weather was super and we had a great time, exploring the area and being very creative. Morning devotions were followed by creative sessions in the morning and afternoon interspersed with some games. Good food was provided by Val, ably supported by Jan and Olya. Hannah, Ray, Paul and Melissa supported Kevin in working with the young people that came from Hampshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Bucks, Lancashire & Yorkshire. Evenings had further fun games followed by a late evening optional drawing session with Kevin & many were keen to join Kevin each evening.


Everyone gained a lot from the week and a gallery of work was put up in the Ibbett room on Thursday evening. Work included life drawing using different medium such as pencil, pen and graphite sticks; landscape artwork; a trip to draw a large, mature tree in the park; the climbing area in the country park complete with children; a soft toy; and a mixed media challenge using cotton wool, coloured paper, corrugated card, marker pens, foam; oil pastels, paints, etc. Everyone seemed caught up in the art even most of the catering team were keen to join some of the sessions and have a go at being creative!


Sketchpad is national holiday and is only in its second year, Kevin is very pleased with the development of the holiday and it will gain in popularity year on year. Sketchpad 2013 was a very enjoyable experience and gave opportunities for young people and adults to learn about lots of art and be encouraged to express themselves capturing the beauty of God’s creation all around. It is one of two residential holidays that Kevin has set up each year as part of his work with Face2Face Educational Trust. Face2Face is a Christian charity and works with churches across the denominational spectrum and educational projects in schools and clubs. Face2Face puts on events for children, young people, famiies and adults and all-age events.

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Mixed media team challenge

If you would like to know more about the events Kevin is running in the year or would like to book him to come to your church or school or club then please get in touch by the following means: contacting Kevin on 01842 750060 or writing to: Kevin Moore, Face2Face Educational Trust, 76 Fairfields, Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 1LB or emailing on: kevinmoore758@btinternet.com thank you.


“I am definitely coming back next year!”

“Your wife is a super cook.”

“I am so inspired by the art, I am really into it!”

“I am the music man, I come from down your way and I can play…”

One lovely summer evening we had a campfire. A couple of lads had collected some cones supplemented by some wood that had been brought by Ray. We toasted in the fire some marshmellows and enjoyed eating them whilst singing some fun songs and telling jokes and riddles. It was extremely good fun and the evening was ideal, no wind and warm air. Kevin led a couple of songs including the Tiger hunt and Paul was seen in a new light with his classic: ‘I am the music man…’ that had everyone laughing along [there was not a dry eye in the house!].


Drawn by one of the students as we sketched outside in the sunshine

Kevin took 140 photographs during the week and put them into a slide show that was presented to everyone on Friday evening. The pictures caught much of what we achieved in the week. I hope you enjoy some of the selected shots in this short article, if you would like to see the Sketchpad gallery then look out for the Sketchpad 2013 gallery that will be uploaded in September [see Gallery section]. Everyone who did artwork will be featured including the catering team who had a go too!

Screen shot 2013-08-19 at 15.06.07

On a couple of afternoons we took everyone to the local country park, a lovely setting and produced a piece of work based on the children’s climbing frame and play area. The view guaranteed some life drawing opportunities, trees and sky so plenty of scope to stretch people. We had dome some work previously on life drawing, tree studies and clouds. The group produced their longest piece of work in the week and one they could develop to a high standard. On the second afternoon a humorous incident occurred where some girls noticed the group and posed on a log for 15 minutes keeping very still. Several of the artists sketched them and Kevin took on the challenge and added some wash to his watercolour pencil sketch. The girls plus their mums came to see the work after 15 minutes [so we had to work very fast!]. Kevin signed his piece and gave it to them, they seemed very interested in the concept of Sketchpad and you never know, maybe new recruits for next year!

Above is the piece that Kevin did over the three hours live at the park [notice the two circling buzzards caught in a minute as they came into the scene].

Screen shot 2013-08-19 at 01.56.47

This tree was done by Ray Larkin, one of the team who is really enjoying his art.



During the week we saw a variety of animals and birds, including a couple of buzzards that flew into the sky area we were capturing [see pic below]. We saw a Great Crested Grebe, cormorants, herons, kestrels, a wren, a green woodpecker, swans, ducks, collared doves, woodpigeons, jackdaws, carrion crows, swooping swallows, a common tern plus rabbits and cows in the nearby fields & country park.


If you would like to help sponsor the ministries of Face2Face and the projects it is running then you can do so by contacting Kevin or David Penman the Treasurer.
If you prefer to give online then please go to the following link where you can give via Givenet to the work and ministry of Face2Face Educational Trust:




Everyone was enthusiastic about the week and found it an inspirational experience. Art work reflected growing confidence and improved technique as the week progressed. People are keen to come to Sketchpad 2014 [same August week, 4th-9th] so it is recommended that you contact Kevin to book a place. Many who came to Sketchpad are keen to meet up at the Assington art day that Kevin is running on September 21st at Assington, near Sudbury. This is an open event for any to come along to and begins from 11-5pm. If you are interested then please contact Kevin to book in and he will send directions and details. Kevin is an artist with the ability to encourage others and develop skills and techniques. He works with children, adults and families and can inspire others to new levels.



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