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November 30, 2013

Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, they had suffered for many decades, they had been treated increasingly harshly. Now there was a song in their hearts as they were free! There were smiles, lots of excitement, they had packed quickly, the adrenalin was flowing, they could not think about sleep, can you imagine their […]


November 26, 2013

Kevin presented a Christmas assembly today to 400 children in a local junior school. He involved 15 children & used pre drawn visuals & demonstrated with an orange, dolly mixtures, red ribbon & a candle the heart of the Christmas message found in the Bible. The idea of The Christingle came from a German priest […]


November 19, 2013

Teaching is something I discovered that I really enjoyed when I worked in America with underprivileged children in a Salvation Army camp during the summer of 1980 at Saddle Lake in New York state. It was a super experience and one I will never forget. I discovered I really enjoyed working with people, encouraging them […]


November 7, 2013

  Over the years I have taken some half decent shots on my camera & occasionally on my phone. ‘I always take a camera with me on a walk as you never know what you might see to capture!’ I was at Chellington over the summer & one evening I was refereeing a game of […]