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5 STAR DAY *****

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My fascinating 5 star adventure day started with chess coaching one of the best chess juniors for his age in Norfolk/Suffolk. We went through a couple of games, wrote down the moves and analysed the games to identify any mistakes. I then went onto Kings Street Baptist Church forecourt and set up some chess sets on tables to take on people from the High Street. I just about set up two sets when immediately I had game after game for 90 minutes, first a Polish man, then an Indian man with his wife and daughter watching, followed by a Lithuanian boy and his dad, then an English High School student and her dad. It was very good, some enjoyable games, meaningful conversations and the sun shone!

Then it was back to The Art Studio to pick up my art kit for the afternoon art activity at the impressive Clermont Hall, near Watton. This was part of a hen weekend activity so I didn’t know quite what to expect! On arrival I was greeted and shown a few rooms to choose one with appropriate space and light. I quickly set up before a group of 14 ladies and two men arrived with lots of champagne! I did a 90 minute session demonstrating portrait drawing and life drawing. We even drew the bride to be! I have not experienced a class drinking champagne before! It went well and was fun.

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History Clermont Hall was built in 1776 for William Fortescue, Earl of Clermont and extended in 1812 for his nephew who succeeded as the Second Viscount Clermont in 1806.

Then home for a quick cuppa and a very late lunch before going on to High Street Chapel to lead their youth event with mystery guest. I was the mystery guest! 24 young people aged 13-16 years and 6 team joined in. It was action packed and enjoyable and helped people to get to know each other better. I then drove home and watched the Champions League final. I managed an hour before falling asleep and stirred to see Messi receive the trophy! As I went to bed I viewed my texts and found one telling me that I had sold a painting in a guest house in Southend. A blessed day! 🙂


Exciting day, Saturday, 6th June

Chess Connections, 10-12 noon at The Art Studio, Thetford

Street Chess 12.30-2pm Kings Street Baptist Church forecourt taking on all-comers from passers by in King Street

Art Activity as part of a hen weekend, Claremont Hall, near Watton, 3-5pm

Running a youth event,  High Street Chapel, Hopton, 7-9pm

Pack up, drive home and chill! 🙂

One adventurous day with Kevin Moore

Face2Face Educational Trust

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