Outside the weather may have been variable with emotive skies and some heavy showers but inside their was plenty of action in the big tent. Chess proved popular and gave men the chance to test mental disciplines along side the comradery of a great weekend of fellowship. In the backdrop the European Championship was taking place with Wales winning 1-0. #TG16 #CVM

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Kevin offered and facilitated the chess ministry at the Christian Vision For Men weekend in a field near Swindon in June 2016, where 2300+ men had gathered for a weekend of fellowship, Christian teaching and worship. During the free time period, Kevin ran a popular chess ministry by taking on many men over a number of chess boards. Kevin gave each of his opponents a Chess Gospel to take home and awarded three chess trophies.


Two decent players from a church in Essex. The afternoon enabled me to play a number of games over a period of 41/2 hours and make a number of new friends over the chess board.

You can use things for God and I use chess and art for God as tools that the Lord can use.

Please make contact to discuss details on: kevinmoore758@btinternet.com

Do read the Checkmate articles such as ‘Checkmate an exhilarating experience’ to encourage you as to how God has inspired this ministry.


Christian Vision For Men is a powerful ministry aimed at reaching men with the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the pic above you see Graham Kendrick and band leading the worship in a big tent with the sound of men singing out with full voice, a thrilling experience and one I warmly recommend.


Band of Brothers, men breaking bread together in an open field and praying for each other.


Men standing and supporting each other. During the weekend over 100 men had gone forward to either make a commitment or re-commitment in their faith in Jesus Christ. One man in the circle shared with me how a year ago, he came out of the big tent having made his commitment to Christ for the first time in his life and looked up to the sky, there above the tent was a large cross in the shape of clouds.


The worship was led by Graham Kendrick and band. I have worked with Graham’s brother before in a church mission weekend in Upney. Graham is a singer song writer and has been a key worship leader over the past 40 years+.

CVM will be on the last weekend of June 2017


The Gathering #inafieldnearSwindon 26-28th June was a super time for 2000 men from all over the country to come together under the vision of Christian Vision for Men [CVM]. I went as part of a group of seven men from Thetford and thoroughly enjoyed myself. There are the usual fun things like football and volleyball but a few different things too like axe throwing, a formula one car, a public darts knock out on stage and a late night team quiz [which we won!].

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The worship was led by Graham Kendrick and band and was very uplifting and powerful. On Saturday evening there was a God moment that resulted in a response of spontaneous praise followed by a message from the platform and then about two dozen guys giving their lives to Christ. As each man responded, they were supported by applause from the 2000 men watching, powerful stuff!


The RAF arranged a hurricane flyover on the Saturday afternoon and the spirit amongst the men on site was super. Most were camping in tents some in camper vans and the snores would fill the fields in the early morning. Free teas and coffees were on tap during the weekend and the weather was dry apart from a few spots in the early morning before I arose on Sunday morning.


There was an optional 5k run to start the day, meetings in the Big Top during the weekend including optional seminars. We finished with a communion, an intimate time of prayer around a special meal that Jesus instigated 2000 years ago. This was a fitting finale for the men to break bread with their band of brothers. The vision is to reach a million men over the years and I would encourage men to go and be blessed from around the country. Do ask me for more details if interested.

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Kevin Moore

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