Kevin Moore works for Face2Face Educational Trust, a Christian Trust that serves the Church and specialises in building relationships with people in the community using art and chess. Churches are looking for new ways in building bridges in their local community. A church minister recently asked Kevin the question: ‘How do we better connect with our community and engage with people effectively?


Community projects that engage with people Monday to Saturday maximizing the potential of their church building are vital in developing the fringe contacts of the church. Sustainable clubs that build long-term relationships, underpinned in prayer, can help draw in the fringe contacts and can provide a natural way into the life of the church.


Face2Face offers an art ministry to churches to build effectively with children and adults

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Kevin uses art in his ministry to communicate to children, young people & adults as part of his ministry with Face2Face Educational Trust. He uses his years of teaching experience in schools & in further education to speak across the age groups. He has set up several art & chess initiatives and is always looking to help churches in their outreach into the community.


Kevin has set up SKETCHPAD, a 6-day, national, residential holiday for young people. The purpose is to train up potential artists in all kinds of skills and creative techniques in the context of a Christian run holiday. Bible studies are interactive and link powerfully with a famous painting or artist. Sketchpad caters for young people 9-17 years of age and the volunteer team are on board to offer their catering, befriending and artistic skills.

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Sketchpad came first and quickly inspired SKETCHCLUB, a weekly club aimed at people 9-75 years plus. This ongoing creative project attracts people in the community to The Art Studio, Charles Burrell Centre, Thetford where Kevin runs the creative project on a full time basis. The club runs from 6.30-9pm and is just one of four days of classes per week from Monday to Thursday [see The Art Studio for details]. Kevin teaches, coaches, encourages, and passes on creative tips, advice and endeavours to answer any questions. Children and adults come with a range of confidence and ability levels, so versatility is important and listening skills.

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Sketchclub began in October 2012 and has a keen, committed group of artistically hungry people attending regularly and blossoming in their art expression. Kevin will input on a specific master artist from time to time, presenting some of their major works. Sometimes they work as a group on a set theme, other times they each work on different subjects. Conversations flow and quite naturally after a few months people feel part of a friendly group. It has been a joy to see how the Lord has worked with one person, who since coming to the group has made a step of faith and is now attending a local church, which she had not done before.

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Kevin is invited into churches to lead a Biblical art afternoon with families. This is a great opportunity to work in a variety of mixed media to produce a piece of work on a Biblical theme. In mixed aged teams they present the work and refreshments follow. These afternoons can be part of a creative art weekend or week long festival.

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‘It’s fun seeing the creative energy expressed in an all-age setting’

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Week long mission projects are sometimes too much for rural churches with limited resources & available team. Church weekends are bite-sized, very effective and practically lend themselves to a different mission strategy of sustainable outreach. A series could be planned with each one having a different flavour. One could be an arts weekend, with a creative feel running through the programme, including an exciting visual all-age service with a lunch afterwards. You could invite all the creative people in your church to be part of the weekend.

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Art can break down barriers, open doors in conversation, develop skills, and improve self-confidence and expression. It can involve children though to adults, from nursery to seniors. It is therapeutic, calming and is enjoyable. With the right setting and environment a church can set up an art ministry that could be effective in building bridges with a number of children and adults in your community. Kevin can advise Churches on setting up an ongoing art ministry in their church or community. This can involve running art sessions for children and adults, leading exciting all-age services or planning a Biblical art day. Why not invite Kevin to come & share his testimony using art or invite him to lead a church day or weekend with an art emphasis? www.face2facetrust.org.uk

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