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What happens when people pray?

On Saturday, September 29th, 2012, many thousands of Christians journeyed to London under a glorious blue sky. They were excitedly journeying Wembley Stadium not to see a football match or concert but to worship together & pray for the nation as part of the National Day of Prayer & Worship. Christians of all ages from all denominations gathered together to share in this unique event that was organized to follow on from the momentous events that have happened in our nation over the summer & to give thanks for all the opportunities given to the Church to practically reach out to people of all nations. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in the early summer led to many Big Jubilee Lunches occurring in our churches, halls & communities with 8.5 million people attending. The Diamond Jubilee special edition New Testament was given out to 750,000 people & the wet weather over that weekend did not dampen the spirits of God’s people nor did it prevent those events occurring.

The Olympic & Paralympic games were tremendous successes with wonderful sporting achievements occurring & amazing support on the streets & in the stadiums to all events. Many believe the Olympics & Paralympics were the best Games ever held with record breaking crowds attending & lining the streets & were very well organized. It certainly made me feel proud to be British & it was very fitting for Lord Sebastian Coe to truly say: ‘Made in Britain’. We gave thanks on the prayer day for all that happened & heard something of the work behind the scenes with many churches putting on Sport based holiday clubs, quiz nights, family events, & lunches. Many Christians were involved in the volunteering in the Games & others offered free hospitality to athletes families & international visitors. Street Pastors were active on the streets of London & many others were involved in praying for the events, planning, protection, organizing & smooth running of the Games. Clearly God’s Spirit was at work on the streets & in our nation & many commented on the friendliness of people & acts of kindness from people.

There were times of prayer, repentance, worship in between inputs from various groups. Most inputs were supported by a short film soundbite to encapsulate on the big screen the key points of their projects.

Represented were leaders of various organizations involved in significant projects impacting the world through the Church. Operation Christmas Child hopes to reach its 100 millionth child with a shoebox present this year. Many people in the world come to faith in God by the age of 14 years, highlighting the significance of such a Shoebox present to children across the nations. A moving film clip was shown of children in Mongolia receiving their boxes. One lad used to riding a small horse & milking yaks commented on his Shoebox gifts & in particular a plastic toy horse that was his favourite toy. When riding afterwards he would be reading from his new bible, he shared of God’s protection especially when riding. I was moved to see children from rural Nepal receiving their Shoebox presents having been to Nepal in Feb/March & witnessed first hand the poverty in that country.

Various organizations had bite sized opportunities to share sound bites of important information impacting on the Church including Crossing London 2013 & Hope 2104. These two projects highlighted missional opportunities for the Church in the UK over the coming years in all kinds of ways. Keep your ears & eyes open to more on these two initiatives in the Christian press over the coming months.

Worship was led by a range of prominent worship leaders including Dave Bilborough, Graham Kendrick, Matt Redman & Tim Hughes. There was a supporting choir & orchestra on stage. At one point prayers were read in different languages across the world by children. The event was very well put together & the four hours seemed to stretch as though it was at least 6 hours worth of time within the stadium. Buckets were passed around for a collection to offset the significant costs of hiring Wembley Stadium & worship climaxed to a celebration towards the end of the event with songs led by Hillsong. Free bottles of water were given out during the afternoon, a lovely touch to stop dry mouths.

Close to my heart there was a time of prayer for our nation & it’s leaders. We prayed for the government & the Prime Minister. There was a time of repentance for the things we had got wrong, for the Church when it is silent & should speak out; for organizations set up on wrong foundations. We stood in the gap & asked for forgiveness for our nation’s sins before God. We corporately prayed for the Spirit of God to move across the UK & in our streets & neighbourhoods. Initiatives are being encouraged to raise up prayer groups for each & every street in our land. We were encouraged to be the batons of hope in our communities.

Val & I had a meal before journeying across London on the tube chatting with an Indian lady, Ingra,  from Oasis Baptist in London. 60 members of her church had gone on the day & we shared fellowship about the event, the summer & agreed to pray for each other. Well done to all the volunteers & organizers of the National Day of Prayer & Worship, especially to Jonathan Oloyede. It was a memorable & timely event in our nation to pray & give thanks to God, following on from such momentous events this summer.

I started the article by asking the question: What happens when people pray? I believe only good things can happen when people humble themselves & come together with repentant hearts to pray for the nation. To share with thanksgiving the good things that have happened & to give thanks to the Lord for His faithfulness, goodness & blessing. To uphold future projects before Him, to pray for each other & to make ourselves available to Him to use for His glory.

The National Day of Prayer & Worship drew together over 32000 Christians on Saturday, September 29th at Wembley Stadium. The event is in line with other large gatherings of Christian people to pray for their nations around the world.


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Children can be caught up in prayer & be open to the Holy Spirit, they can teach adults a thing of two!     

A child was praying and the Holy Spirit told him how to pray. He found his teacher the next day in the classroom.

“Sir, the Holy Spirit told me how to pray.” “What did He say, replied the teacher as he cleaned the board?” “He told me to talk to Him for 5 minutes and then listen for 5 minutes.” explained the pupil.

The teacher froze and in the silence that followed, nodded in acknowledgement that this was indeed wisdom from on high.

‘Prayer shakes us up & enables the Holy Spirit to do a deep work within, giving us a passion for lost souls outside of God’s Kingdom. This awakening is not of our doing but a move of the Spirit deep within, turning our priorities to Kingdom concerns, aligning our heartbeat with His, filling our lives with His compassion & mercy.’

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 10.42.16

Kevin is offering Prayershakers, a powerful teaching time on the importance of prayer coupled with the opportunity to pray alongside other people from other churches. Prayershakers can work effectively on Saturday mornings from 10-1pm or an evening Prayershakers on a Monday or Tuesday evening from 7.30-9.30pm. Kevin will be prepared to offer several Saturdays as full Prayershaker day events from 10-4pm [lunch break 1-1.45] or over a weekend at a prayer conference.

Screen shot 2012-05-10 at 17.56.33

He will come ready to present inspirational teaching on prayer that cannot help but fuel your prayers as a church or group of churches. Prayershakers contains Biblical teaching, anecdotes, practical examples, quotations from prayer warriors & personal examples of how the Lord works to promote prayerful response. There will be opportunities to pray in different ways on different themes, teaching people how to be creative in prayer. The Prayershaker events are designed to encourage, teach, inspire & challenge as well as give practical ways for churches to continue ongoing effective, powerful prayer meetings.

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 12.56.23

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 17.10.29

Jesus taught the disciples how to pray & these young disciples were challenged as they saw him modelling prayer as a constant discipline. They knew he got up early to pray in quietness, away from interruptions from his family & from people looking for him. They began to realize prayer was important to Jesus & would be vital to their own walk with God. They would learn that intimate prayer comes out of a heartfelt relationship with God.

‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed [honoured] be Your name.

Your Kingdom come,

Your will be done on earth as in it is heaven.’

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 00.15.17

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 11.10.37

Kevin has been steadily studying prayer in the Scriptures in both the Old and New Testaments & is now ready to pass his biblical insight to those wanting to grow in their prayer life as individuals & corporately as Churches. He believes prayer is the key to enabling the work of the Spirit of God to move in & through our nation, churches, neighbourhoods, communities, families & work places.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 21.43.48

‘When I am asked to visit a church to discuss outreach, I can before long discern if the church is a praying church. It is always a real joy & privilege to work with a praying Church, to see what the Lord is going to do.’


The Living Stones illustration took 3 weeks to prayerfully design & illustrate

‘I swim lengths at my local pool as I swim, I can pray, I can lift situations that come to mind to God in prayer. I can work out in the pool in physical ways & spiritually exercise at the same time. Other friends run & pray, some iron & pray!’


As we come before Almighty God in prayer, He will do a work of God in our hearts so we begin to see things as He sees them & to feel things as He feels. We know His ways are not our ways, His thoughts far above our thoughts. When we come away from our meeting time with God our priorities will be different, we will be being changed in His presence, we will be drawing close to His heartbeat. As we commune with Him daily, we will get to know the mind of God.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 11.11.00

John the Baptist said that ‘Jesus would baptise with the Holy Spirit & fire.’ I believe the fire from the Holy Spirit burns up the rubbish in our lives and moves us to pray for those outside the Kingdom of God and reach out to them.


Is your Church filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit? Does the fire of God’s Spirit not lead us to reach out to people in our communities? Relational people projects have to be key to the work of the Church.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 02.52.52

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 20.52.23

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 13.34.54

Prayershaker teaching includes praying using Scripture; understanding spiritual warfare; intercessory prayer; praying with the Holy Spirit; prayer & evangelism; prayer & fasting; children & prayer; prayer for those who are spiritually lost; different ways of praying & some tried & tested practical tips.

Screen shot 2012-05-31 at 22.02.19

Birmingham New Street station in the hustle & bustle, 1979. This was drawn fast without looking at the paper using a style called linear abstraction. You put the pen/pencil on the paper & draw as your eyes move around the person you are drawing. You reposition for the next figure. It is difficult to do but it enables you to capture the moving scene effectively.

‘I desire to see the Holy Spirit stir up the fires in the church engine rooms around our land. I have a heart to see many people of all ages come before the ‘Throne of Grace’ with passionate pleas for the lost in our land backed up by the authority of Scripture. I believe that the Church needs to humble itself in prayer & intercede on behalf of the millions who are spiritually unaware of the Saviour of the world.’


Creative photograph by Kevin Moore, Birmingham City Centre

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 13.30.39

‘We need to humble ourselves, confess our sins & with pleas & petitions, we need to stand in the gap for our nation & listen to the heartbeat of God Himself. We need to be on our knees before Him, asking Him to have mercy on us & to move in power & might in our land, for His glory.’

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 20.43.19

Millions of people in this country are sitting on the fence regarding Christ. The Church needs to be challenged to pray, to humbly & persistently bring those ‘sitting on the fence’ to God in prayer.

‘I can choose to drive my car & not listen to the radio & pray for this nation, my community, my local school, my church, my family. I can intercede for the dark places in the world that are on my heart, like North Korea. I can pray for the items that make the news, the sick, the situations that the Holy Spirit brings to my mind. I will develop the prayer habit, using my car journeys as times of intercession.’


Kevin sharing his testimony in Kathmundu, Nepal

Prayershakers is recommended for churches grappling with prayer & following along a journey of prayer. Kevin will use some powerful visual aids & will use the available space your premises has to offer to set up prayer areas. Prayershakers works powerfully when churches come together in an area to pray together as interdenominational gathering. Please discuss practical details with Kevin as to how this can be planned. There is a charge for the Prayershakers event coming to your church but I honestly believe the cost is well worth it if we understand the importance of prayer being the engine room in the Church & how important it is to fan into flame the prayers of the saints for the lost in our nation.

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 11.20.48

Praying hands sculpture by Kevin

‘No time in prayer is ever wasted, rather, it is time well spent investing in Kingdom matters before the ‘Throne of Grace’.

The corporate prayers of the Body of Christ, the Church, will compliment the private prayers done in secret with our Heavenly Father. As Churches come together to pray with one heart & mind, demonstrating powerful, corporate prayer, so individuals will catch the prayer habit & there will be a hungering after the things of God by prayer & fasting. Doors will open in our nation and many lives will come to faith in Him.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 14.09.24

‘I can watch many hours TV & screen time per week but I could also choose to invest one hour each week on my knees praying for the government, the nation, the people of this land & specifically people that do not know the Saviour of the world.’

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 00.15.04

Daniel is an example of a person with a gift of intercession. He prayed regularly for the Jewish people and the nation, sometimes he was led to fast and pray for some days for a situation or an answer. He experienced heavenly visions, prophetic explanations, angelic visitations on occasions during his life. He had been given a gift to be able to understand dreams and visions that proved very useful in his time in the Babylonian empire, particularly with King Nebuchadnezzar. He was promoted to a high position in Babylon and his life was spared from the lions when falsely accused and his faith was vindicated. I believe we can learn a lot today from Bible characters like Daniel.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 11.13.32

There are many creative ways we can pray today, the Prayershakers event could help develop the prayer focus in your church [perhaps several churches could be invited to partake]. If you are already taking prayer seriously then Prayershakers would bless you & inspire you in new ways.

To contact Kevin to discuss booking a Prayershakers event in your area please email:

kevinmoore758@btinternet.com or ring on: 01842 750060, thank you.

Prayershakers includes some helpful tips, inspirational quotes & some personal revelation that Kevin has picked up along his faith journey. There will be some space to pray, to share & to listen. Be warned as Kevin brings an evangelist’s heart & passion into the session. He will bring out some key points from Scripture & bring a challenge or two to all those attending.

Worth bringing a pad and pen. Prayershakers is designed to fire you up for prayer & to take back to your church congregation in practical ways.

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 17.51.29

There are many projects, situations, concerns the Church would be led to intercede about. In the second world war, the nation was called to prayer by the King, [see the film: The King’s Speech starring Colin Firth].

Apart from the Bible, all quotes, art illustrations & photos in this article come from Kevin.


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Kevin is available to speak in your church if you would like him to come in the new year.

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