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Checkmate Gospel


The Checkmate Gospel, designed & illustrated by Kevin Moore makes clear links between the most popular board game & the most popular book in the world. It can be used as a devotional booklet or a teaching aid. Suitable for young people & adults. The booklet will help relate the gospel to people who play chess. Kevin uses them at the residential holiday with young people each year & with adult players. The booklet is £2.00, please add donation towards postage.

Inspired after leading a chess club evening from a spiritual question from one of the pupils. He was inspired with the material to write the booklet as he drove home. Over the following months Kevin wrote & illustrated the booklet.

Discounts available for 10 or more copies. Proceeds to Face2Face Educational Trust.

Please note you can pay by PayPal, please ask for details.

Copies have been sent out to North America, Australia & the Philippines to help develop chess ministries & have proved to be a helpful tool to aid working with children, young people & adults to find appropriate links between the Bible and the beautiful game of chess.

In addition, Kevin can be a resource if you would like to book him to come to your club, school or church, please make contact. He is prepared to teach, coach & play a simultaneous display.


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Checkmate is an ideal booklet to use in club or camp situations where you want to a devotional input that links with chess and the Bible.

Kevin also runs Checkmate, a 6 day residential holiday for 9-17 year olds each August. It is open to anyone to come from anywhere in the world.

For further details see the articles on Checkmate and chess ministry.