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Exploring watercolours in paint & watercolour pencils –Tuesdays from 10.30-9pm [weekly], sessions are normally 2-3 hours, £5 an hour, please let me know by emailing or messaging me when you want to begin [please note there maybe other sessions available in the week if Tuesday is not convenient].

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For those who want to explore the sensitive use of watercolour painting. We will look at watercolour techniques, learn about brushes, styles, colours & papers. We will look at a range of items to paint from life to objects, animals, people & scenes. We will look at how watercolour pencils can be used in combination.



For further details or to book a place please contact Kevin Moore:

Email: kevinmoore758@btinternet.com

Telephone: 01842 750060 or text: 07528 811219

The Art Studio, Room 73, Charles Burrell Centre, Staniforth Road, Thetford, IP24 3LH

Parking is available at the back of the building, enter the front forecourt, drive to the right & proceed along the side of the building to the rear car park.

The Charles Burrell Centre can be located just a short distance off the Thetford to Bury St. Edmunds, Bury Road.

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Learn how to draw and paint in the same piece with artist Kevin Moore. Lessons from Monday to Thursday and two evening clubs too. For details contact Kevin on: 01842 750060 or mobile: 07528 811219 or email: kevinmoore758@btinternet.com

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Learn how to draw with artist Kevin Moore working alongside you guiding you on a discovery of the wonder of drawing. Learn how to construct a portrait, various helpful techniques, how to draw at speed and use experiment with different types of media. The Great Dane portrait on A3 was done in 70 minutes using graphite. Kevin runs lessons from Monday to Thursday including two evening clubs if unable to come in the day. For details contact Kevin on: 01842 750060 or email: kevinmoore758@btinternet.com

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