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£ Online Giving

Financially supporting

Donations and cheques can be sent to: Kevin Moore, Face2Face Educational Trust, 76 Fairfields, Thetford, IP24 1LB


You can now support Face2Face Educational Trust online, using our give.net donation page from Stewardship!


You can also give via the downloadable financial form attached below

F2F Gift Aid Declaration2018 pdf

Perhaps you would like to be one of the supporters who give to the Trust in prayer, time & financial support.

Your financial support helps sustain the young people residentials [see below] & other projects with children & families. THANK YOU

Sketchpad 2018, working with children in an educational art and activities week

You can give quickly and easily using a credit or debit card, you DO NOT have to be an account holder with Stewardship to give via Give.net. If you are not a Stewardship account holder you can give, you make your donation & when asked if you would like to set up a Stewardship account you can so ‘yes’ or ‘no’ if you prefer, & then proceed in making your donation to: ‘Face2Face Educational Trust’.

Plus, if you are a UK tax payer, don’t forget your giving could be increased through Gift Aid, meaning Face2Face Educational Trust will get even more support! You can also download the F2F codicil if you would choose to give in this way [please request financial forms or codicil from Kevin Moore or from David Penman].

Thanks for taking the time to support Face2Face Educational Trust. If you would like to give by filling in the Codicil form [a written amendment to a person’s will, which must be dated, signed and witnessed just as a will would be, and must make some reference to the will it amends. A codicil can add to, subtract from or modify the terms of the original will. When the person dies, both the original will and the codicil are submitted for approval by the court (probate) and form the basis for administration of the estate and distribution of the belongings of the writer.], please send this to:

Mr David Penman, Face2Face Educational Trust, 10 Bartlett Close, Poplar, London, E14 6LH

Email: dgpenman@btinternet.com Telephone: 020 7987 7649 Mobile: 07771 306378

Codicil Form pdf

Thank you for your support it really matters.


David Penman [Treasurer & Trustee]

Thank you for your support it is invaluable in sustaining this ministry that reaches out to children, young people & families. F2F seeks to put on educational projects in schools & works in partnership in many projects with the local church. F2F is pioneering unique ministries using art & chess with children, young people & families. Your support will help sustain this work & help reduce the costs of the holidays. Your giving will make the difference to some young people offered holiday subsidies, enabling them to attend the holiday. If you would like Kevin to visit your church to explain the work of F2F with stories & visuals, then please make contact.

Email: kevinmoore758@btinternet.com

or telephone: 01842 750060 or text: 07528 811219

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 14.44.44

Sketchpad 2018 in The Art Studio, Charles Burrell Centre, Thetford

Work done by promising students who are developing month by month in their artistic expression at The Art Studio, Charles Burrell Centre, Thetford, IP24 3LH. The Art Studio is facilitated by Face2Face Educational Trust and is run by local artist, Kevin Moore who works with children and adults per week from 5-80 years. The work is exciting and stimulating and involves lots of clubs and lessons.

See Face2Face clubs and Sketchpad 2018 for more information.