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The Face2Face website launched at the start of May 2012, over 2 years later it’s proving to be a visually attractive, dynamic & well used site. Many people & churches have used the site, that offers attractive galleries, [two photographic, three art based]; interesting articles & Face2Face news & activities. People have viewed the site from over 65 countries around the world & 550 different towns or cities around the world. The website is creative, visual, educational & informative.

There are ways of being three principal ways of being involved with F2F. You could be part of Kevin’s prayer team & receive regular email updates to pray through; you could apply to serve on team at Checkmate or Sketchpad residentials for young people or you could help him at the Assington Art days on refreshments & general helps ministry; or you could be part of the invaluable financial support team as without the funding the various ministries to boys & girls, to families, to churches & schools would not be sustainable. You could be involved in all three support ministries to Face2Face or a combination of two. Each is invaluable & equally important & richly appreciated.

Kevin has uploaded an artwork gallery, photographic gallery, Sketchpad residential gallery, teaching gallery & winter photographic gallery to date. Each offers something different, interesting, informative & visually appealing. The galleries are updated per month as are the interesting articles & activity/news posts that highlight events, projects & prayer items.

Kevin works with many people in different projects such as the CHECKMATE & SKETCHPAD residential holidays, with churches across the denominational spectrum & in schools. He has a heart to cultivate projects for families, young people & children to be part of. The report of the latest Checkmate & Sketchpad young people holidays are displayed in the Residential drop down section.

Below are a list of some selected articles you may be interested in reading:







You may be interested in the article: Messiah, who is He? http://www.face2facetrust.org.uk/news/2013/12/messiah/

You may be interested in the article: http://www.face2facetrust.org.uk/questions/names-of-god/

The website informs of any new initiatives like the weekly art based SKETCHCLUB on Thursday evenings & the ASSINGTON ART ADVENTURE days held annually each year from 11-5pm. There is also an adult art residential being planned for the future; new church art projects; new schools initiatives & possibly a second Sketchpad residential in the future. The website will keep folk informed & up to speed with developments.

Kevin writes about events he is running or involved with such as the Elmswell Children’s Club called the CU club at Elmswell Baptist. He also works regularly in the West Bergholt running a youth project called Wired at St. Mary the Virgin, Church of England. Sketchclub is run at The Art Studio, in the Charles Burrell Centre in Thetford along with lots of other artistic sessions in painting and drawing. Kevin visits & speaks at a number of churches per year in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Kent & sometimes beyond. He is able to help churches consider the best strategies to reach out into their communities & can advise & work with churches to help them be more effective.

Kevin uploads some interesting articles from world travels and evangelistic projects including working in Nepal as part of a Christian team in the Himalayas, Anandaband Leprosy Mission hospital and a church in Kathmandu. He has uploaded about an evangelistic project in Chatham, called the Information Centre that proved to be a great learning experience in working with an interdenominational volunteer team in a secular shopping centre. He shares also of his adventures working with underprivileged children in North America and street drama and art in open air work in Portugal. He writes about his testimony detailing how he came to faith in Christ Jesus and a more recent visit to Malta and some of the footsteps of St. Paul, the apostle.

Forms for downloading are updated each year & are displayed in the appropriate section or under ‘Forms’ in the Residential section. These include first time application forms, reapplication forms, ancillary forms & junior forms. Booking forms for Checkmate & Sketchpad are displayed, along with promotional flyers & relevant articles.  There is a chess puzzle section that gives some interesting challenges to solve plus some chess/mathematical questions.

The website explains how you can FINANCIALLY SUPPORT the ministry of Face2Face Educational Trust & give directly on line to the work though GiveNet. See the £ drop down section for details or go to  the front homepage, bottom right.

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Kevin is looking to raise £ additional sponsorship for the annual young people projects called Sketchpad & Checkmate. If  interested in supporting then please refer to the £inancial section, thank you. It would be lovely to find a wealthy sponsor to support the unique art & chess ministries Kevin is developing.


Please let Kevin know any feedback on the site, he will maintain it to keep it fresh & sharp, graphically professional & visually appealing. He values your continue prayers to underpin the people projects as Face2Face establishes itself & raises it’s educational profile. Kevin feels that his versatility in working with different age groups coupled with his communication skills, his artistic gifts, the uniqueness of the chess & art ministries gives Face2Face a unique ministry in today’s visual engaged world.

You can email Kevin on kevinmoore758@btinternet.com or ring him on 01842 750060 to discuss ways he could work with your school or church. His latest projects are planning an adult art residential weekend & a local church based art club called Sketchclub. Sketchclub has built up over the past 2 years to a regular 20-30 students & has room to grow more in the coming year. Sketchclub is open to folk who are keen to learn from children 9 years of age [year 6] to adults up to 80 years plus. Sketchclub is all about developing artistic skills, growing in self confidence & artistic expression. Paintclub on Mondays is a developing club with 10-12 folk attending regularly and has capacity to grow. The chess club begins at The Art Studio from April 2015 and will be an exciting addition to The Charles Burrell Centre.