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From bare beginnings The Art Studio takes shape

Well from bare beginnings The Art Studio is now transformed and is a peaceful place for artistic adventures, chess club gatherings, meetings, lessons, creative sessions and art galleries with lots of people. The adventure is thrilling and evolving per week.


It would take 10 days to get the room ready for my use and then over the next three weeks it would transform into a creative studio capable of holding plenty of artists at work. Below my moving in and the first few trips from the car. There would be many more trips over the following weeks unloading all kinds of equipment from a large drawing board to chairs, art equipment, refreshments, a cupboard, tools, etc.


The bare room with such potential. Luscious lime green on the main wall, one wall teak, with another room red, another black and an additional black alcove. Kevin did some painting to cover over a design in the room he did not like whilst another would be transformed by a spontaneous acrylic and oil paint design applied in the month or so.

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How would Kevin use the Red Room?


Kevin will post some pics of the transformation that you can see as The Art Studio takes shape, it is very exciting. Kevin was asked by the Manager to liven up some of the empty display boards in the centre too.


Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 10.57.06

Sketchclub is now an established club with lots of people and talent. Kevin facilitates the group of children and adults from 9 to 75 years plus. The Art Studio will have an exhibition of work at least annually. If you are keen to learn then why not come along in an evening on Monday or Thursday to Paintclub or Sketchclub rom 6.30-9pm [younger children leave sometimes after the refreshment break at 8pm].

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In the first five weeks 50 people visited The Art Studio for art and chess related activities with Kevin Moore.


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