Back row in the grey cap along with a fun beach mission team reunion in Bedfordshire


When did you realize you were a people person and enjoyed team activities, teaching, teamwork, games and travelling?

Probably 1980 when I first went to the States to work with underprivileged children and so enjoyed the travel, the interaction with children and young people.

Have you always been interested in art? Yes, I remember drawing loads as a boy and when my mum was ill in hospital taking all my drawings in to show her. I think she looked forward to my next gallery show in the ward!


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Kevin runs a painting course at The Art Studio, please contact for further details.

Kevin runs a drawing course at The Art Studio, please contact to book in.

Art and photography are pretty important ingredients in Kevin’s life, along with chess, sport and big cats. Kevin Moore taught in three prisons & a school in Kent for 9 years before moving to Norfolk. He is married to Val and has 3 children. He is a versatile artist capable of producing decent work in a variety of medium. Kevin can be creative even with  bits of coloured paper! This is now quite a famous collage of Christ on the cross and was inspired by a vision whilst standing at a bus stop in the heart of Birmingham city in 1980.

Who is your favourite Star Wars character?

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What is your favourite painting? That’s hard because it is likely to change every few months but if I had to pick one I would go with: ‘Jesus, the light of the world’ by Holman Hunt today! Below is a recent piece of film art that I completed in September.


He is a keen sports fan & enjoys rugby, cricket & football. He is a chess player & set up a community chess club in Thetford in 2001. For many years he organized a tournament in September attracting up to 100 players from across East Anglia. He has since been involved in chess coaching in two junior schools. Kevin set up Checkmate in 2008, a unique 6 day chess residential holiday for 9-17 year olds. Now the popular holiday is a hit for competitive boys & girls. Sketchclub, a weekly art club began in Thetford in October 2012, soon after Sketchpad. This relational work builds with people interested in art from 9-80 years of age.

When did you learn to play chess? When I was eight years of age & it was one of the best games I ever learned how to play.

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That’s me taking on young people with ‘Big Andy’ at the Checkmate residential holiday in August and below playing against the entire chess club of Howard Junior school where I sometimes visit and teach.


Kevin speaking and working in Norwich Cathedral as part of the Diocesan Educational team. 1500 children attended during the week from approximately 30 primary schools. The Diocesan special educational week has been running for several years and helps build with schools across Norfolk.


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Self portrait, acrylic, 6 hours

Who is your all-time favourite football player? I will have to name several players covering different years of my life. Early influences were Sir Bobby Moore of course [no relation]!, Peter Osgood the Chelsea forward when I was a lad, Pele, my favourite Brazilian player as a world midfield genius and in more recent years, the little Italian, Gianfranco Zola, who had magical feet and in latter years, Edin Hazard who is incredible with the ball. Most are Chelsea players, my team since the age of 8, apart from Sir Bobby Moore and Pele.

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He has been a professional communicator for over 20 years, working with churches & schools across East Anglia & has been able to work across the age spectrum effectively. He uses his graphic training to visually communicate with his audience, communicating through the ‘eye gate’ whenever possible.

Name a chess player that has influenced your life? Bobby Fischer

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He enjoys ornithology, photography, action films, badminton, swimming & art of course! His favourite artists are Leanardo Da Vinci for his technique, Rembrandt for his dramatic use of light, Cezanne for his impressionistic use of colour, Honor Daumier for his character studies. You can see some of Kevin’s uploaded artwork in the Art Gallery. Kevin set up Sketchpad in August 2012. Sketchpad is an exciting, art based residential holiday for young people developing artistic skills in all sorts of creative medium. If interested do ask for a booking form & the details for this year.

Favourite Bible character? Apart from Jesus I would choose the prayerful, wise Daniel in the Old Testament and Peter, the leader of the disciples in the New Testament who also made and learnt from his blunders in life. Elijah, the Old Testament prophet is in there as is John and Paul in the New Testament!


How did you control this group of lively children? I used my experience and my art ability, people skills, combined with an ability to make the story come alive. Materials and space were very limited and there were lots of children packed into the room so it was a real challenge that I loved! I also had a couple of prizes that went down well and after the service played cricket with some of the boys.


Kevin travelled to Nepal in 2012 to be part of team working in an orphanage, visiting a Leprosy Mission Hospital & speaking in a church in Kathmandu. The team spent some days trekking in the Himalayas & climbed to 35oo metres! Kevin has recently been painting in Tenerife & was experimenting with acrylics & using watercolour pencils in Crete.  Kevin loves photography & took 700 photographic shots of big cats in one day at an amazing wildlife park. He will use his photographs as visual reference for his artwork.

Site an impressive experience in Nepal? Climbing in the Himalayas & seeing monkeys in the trees ahead of you, yaks later on walking towards you on the path & lots of birds you had never seen before.

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Kevin loves big cats

Kevin finished this leopard portrait in December 2013 using one of his own photos as reference. It represents over 10 hours work & is done in watercolour pencils. It was started as a demonstration to a local group of artists in Thetford.

Who is your favourite tennis player?  Roger Federer

If you want to know more you’ll have to invite me to your school, club or church!

Greatest teaching challenge? I was working as a Boys Counsellor with underprivileged children in New York State in the summer of 1980. I remember briefing one group of around 200 children on arrival in a barn. Each camp lasted a fortnight, this group were to be the toughest group. The first thing we did was asked them to leave any weapons aside. Many were used to defending their street corner, even at a young age …a pile of weapons was seen later!

Were you working as a peripatetic teacher in Kent? Yes, I taught various subjects within the Educational Departments of three prisons & one school. The experience working with 10-70 year olds in any given week with great variety was superb, within a short period of time I had an art & design studio in each place. It was a great learning time in the ‘school of life’, I learned about all kinds of people & how to be ‘unshockable’ & totally flexible. Great training, indeed!

Have you written any published material? Groundbreakers is a holiday club resource that has been used by thousands of churches over the years on a building theme. It bases it’s teaching on five bible characters: Jonah, Hezekiah, Elijah, Nehemiah & Jesus. It is an undated programme & has a number of creative activities in 2D or 3D that can be offered to the children participating in teams. It is a fun, biblical resource & recommended. It has now been used in other countries like Holland. Kevin can advise a church if wanting to use the material.

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How would you describe yourself? Visual communicator, Christian, people person, versatile, encourager, sense of humour. I run various projects including residential holidays for young people in art & chess, called SKETCHPAD & CHECKMATE, respectively. I believe my creative skills enhance my communication skills. I am a keen artist/illustrator & photographer which helps me in my presentations in schools, clubs & churches. I use the skills that I developed in my graphic design training & teaching background in my work with children, young people & adults.


Do you run art lessons for the general public? Yes, I run Sketchclub for artistically hungry 8-75 + year olds in Thetford as well as lots of other classes, please see the details in The Art Studio.

What are your specialties? Young people residentials; church family weekends; youth weekends; after school clubs in art & chess; all-age church services using visuals; art commissions & illustrations; teaching & speaking. I can share my testimony using my art visuals [suitable for adults groups]. If you would like me to come then please get in touch.

What creature do you least like? Earwigs, they are awful.

What do you like doing on holiday? I love to draw and paint but I also explore the nooks and crannies of the beach and find interesting shells and stones to draw.

What was your favourite Olympic 2012 moment? There were many, it is hard to be specific so I will include several: Mo Farah winning the double gold; Bradley Wiggins starting super Saturday; Phelps winning the 200 butterfly; Bolt winning the sprint double; Alastair Brownlee winning gold in the triathlon, there were so many great performances in the Veladrome & on the track, too many to single out. I enjoyed the whole fortnight & was able to soak it up as I was on Sabbatical, it was very so inspiring.


What is your favourite shark? The great white shark is a monster in the sea & one creature I love to learn about.

What are you offering in your ministry with Face2Face Educational Trust? Running educational projects like Sketchpad & Checkmate residential holidays for young people. Church based clubs for children or for young people. Helping churches run family weekends; holiday clubs; missions to all-ages; specialist clubs in churches, after school clubs or in the community & Biblical art sessions to families. I have developed quite a unique chess ministry that I also offer schools. I am offering artistic projects on a regular basis like Sketchclub & Paintclub for 9-80+ year olds. All age services; training in visual communication; preachments; after dinner speaker; evangelistic events. Please enquire for further details & view: www.face2facetrust.org.uk

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What are you working on? On the art side I am entering the Norfolk Open Art Studios for the first time in May/June 2017. I am exploring some new art initiatives like taking ‘art on to the street’; working more with oils & soft pastels & acrylic inks & some experimental artwork. I am growing the group of interested artistic folk at Sketchclub, Paintclub, Life Drawing and the monthly Games evening. On the chess front, I am doing more Street Chess on the street in the open air when weather allows in the summer months and developing the Thetford Chess Club.

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Contact emails for Kevin: kevinmoore758@icloud.com or kevinmooreface2facetrust@gmail.com

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