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Moore News – Latest


The Charles Burrell Open Day in early September drew many hundreds of people and gave Kevin plenty of conversations with people viewing The Art Studio gallery or playing some of the games he had laid out. In September he also designed some new leaflets to further promote clubs and lessons and was  encouraged to see a new batch of students coming into the classes and clubs.

Kevin prepared the World War exhibition particularly to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the First World War at a special event at the Charles Burrell Centre. Several students had prepared art works to join the exhibit and there was a helpful presentation from local historian, David Osborne and some war songs from the Ruby Singers. There were some excellent conversations and Kevin met the lady who married the rear gunner of the Lancaster bomber in the Second World War [illustrated below] and was able to present this as a finished art commission to the Snowdon family a few days later.

August 2018 – mini update

“Many thanks for your prayer coverage over the past week during the Sketchpad 2018 week. It was an exciting week full of creativity and fun. We had mainly local children and a few surprises, a family from Manchester and cousin from Finland joining in the programme and really enjoying the experience. We finished with a picnic and games for families in Thetford Forest at the High Lodge Centre. In the morning I took a couple of chess players and we set up some boards and took on people in the High Street. In the evenings I ran my usual classes and had a games evening on the Thursday. So it was an action packed week. I also had been asked to draw caricatures and portraits on Friday evening at a person’s wedding reception and managed to build that in too. Needless to say, I slept well on Sunday morning!”

Kevin’s Report 16/04/2018

There has been further encouragement over the spring period with new people attending classes and the use of advertising in social media being successful. The winter was a severe one with heavy snow in March. Kevin also had car issues and was walking in from the other side of town most days and was able to car share with Val for preachments, etc, further afield. Despite the loss of some teaching time due to the conditions, there was some creative snow creations that proved a big hit with some families. Kevin was able to replace his worn out Volvo with a nifty little Honda Jazz at the start of April.

Kevin making the ultimate challenge, the chess knight! March 2018

Kevin recently had the opportunity to speak at Saham Toney Women’s Institute using art and his life story. He did a demo as part of the evening and encouraged all to produce a piece of work. Several contacts came as a result of the evening. He also entertained the U3A [University of the Third Age] Art group from Thetford in The Art Studio demonstrating on the use of chalk pastels. Kevin has some good opportunities coming up at Whepstead Baptist and a school in Ely where he will work with 330 children in the day on the theme of portraiture.

U3A came to The Art Studio for a pastel afternoon

School display in Sutton, Cambs after Kevin the artist came for the day

Kevin exhibited 53 art pieces of his varied artworkin Swaffham in May 2018

Kevin is exhibiting in May at the Swaffham Community Centre from Monday to Friday each week; this is a good opportunity to raise profile in the area and to show 50+ pieces of artwork in a gallery. There will be leaflets on display.

The chess ministry has seen some promising encouragements with the recent addition of an Italian family who have also enjoyed the games evening. Street chess starts as the weather improves on the first Saturday of the month.

Kevin is looking forward to the CVM weekend in June with around 2000 men in a field near Swindon. He will again be offering the chess ministry.

In a field near Swindon, over 2000 men gather for The Gathering weekend each year

When Denis, the Mayor of Thetford, visited The Art Studio and thanked me for all I was doing working with children/families

The Art Studio has been methodically cleaned and sorted since January and now the last few areas are to be tackled. Regular visitors coming to the CBC are given a tour of the building and enjoy visiting a working art studio. Including Breckland and Town councillors and a visit from the Mayor of Thetford and the High Sheriff. Class fee increases have been being introduced over the past weeks with several more happening in the next month.

The Sketchpad holiday will run this year at The Art Studio and will be during the first week of August. Publicity for this will go up at CBC from June and Kevin will update the notice boards in CBC. Please pray into this week, this is likely to be a guinea pig summer for future Sketchpad weeks run locally.

Prayershakers is a powerful prayer meeting that happens monthly at The Art Studio where we listen and grapple with issues that the Holy Spirit lays on our hearts to pray through, these can be of a international/national or local perspective. Kevin joined in the collective March of Witness on Good Friday in the Thetford with a 200 Christians from across the Churches.


Kevin’s games ministry continues to be well received at Cloverfields church with senior citizens from 65-90 plus years of age. Kevin also runs a monthly games event at The Art Studio but aimed at families.

Banners: Kevin is designing three visually exciting stand up banners to go on display at various points in CBC to compliment nine notice boards that he uses. Coupled with some upgraded leaflets in the foyer the visual presence of The Art Studio should be enhanced at CBC.

There have been ministry encouragements along the way and some Bibles given out to seeking individuals. Kevin mentioned several specific encouragements with people attending the classes.

Kevin’s Report – October 2017


Open Studios in May/June was a first for Kevin to open The Art Studio to various new people in the county. There were visits to see the gallery and to do workshops from as far away as Great Yarmouth, Norwich, Hingham as well as those more local. The event gave some useful publicity and an exhibition in Watton with other artists & the Mayor. One student has continued to come to lessons from Hingham. It also gave Kevin the impetus to get The Art Studio ready for an ongoing gallery of approximately 120 art pieces.

Sketchpad+Checkmate was a very positive summer residential experience with lovely children and young people attending. We did all the outdoor and indoor activities we had planned and the weather was dry for most of the holiday and no injuries were sustained. The campfire went down very well, as did the excellent food provided by Val, Wendy and John. Kevin was able to present six bibles to Thetford based children, this was encouraging. Educationally, there was much progress in artistic expression and many were coached in their chess playing ability too. Sketchpad next year will be held in Thetford as a non residential week better utilizing the equipment in The Art Studio and saving Kevin+Val lots of sorting and lugging heavy kit.

The Norwich Cathedral Children Week was again a very positive experience being part of the Diocesan team working with 1500 children from 30 Church of England schools from across the county. Kevin was the art specialist, working on the theme of ‘Moses, prophet, priest and man of God’. Kevin time managed well and was able to get back and do late afternoon and evening classes at The Art Studio.

Use of Social Media

In July Kevin used social media to advertise art lessons and found there was immediate response. He followed up by advertising the Sketchpad holiday and within a day had one new boy book in for the residential holiday. In September, Kevin continued to do this with positive effect and saw fruit with new people attending classes from Thetford and surrounding villages.

Schools Work

A local school for children with behavioural issues approached Kevin for some specific lessons with different ages in small groups. The classes happened over a period of two weeks. Another school in Gayton, Kings Lynn area booked Kevin to do a day teaching linking the Bible and art following the Cathedral week last year.

Chess Ministry

The chess club runs weekly at The Art Studio and gives opportunities to coach adult and junior players. Kevin again did the Street Chess based in the forecourt of King Street Baptist on the dry Saturday afternoons from March to September.

The Christian Vision For Men weekend gave him the opportunity to facilitate the chess ministry to a number of men. He was able to play a number and give each player a Chess Gospel book that he had written and illustrated. About 60 men gave their lives to Christ during the weekend, it was a very powerful weekend.

Use of Games

Kevin facilitates monthly games evenings to befriend a group of people of mixed ages, these evenings are greatly enjoyed and give the opportunity to have quality interactive fun. There are up to 20 suitable games laid out [no electronic games]. Kevin also takes games to Cloverfield Church in Thetford on a Tuesday afternoon, to around forty 60-90 year olds approximately 4 times in the year.

Church Ministry

Opportunities to preach/lead services with a number of churches in East Anglia and in Kent have been taken and any evangelistic opportunities with men’s/ladies groups. Kevin love’s to preach God’s word and apply key truths in ways that can stimulate and connect with people of all ages.


Once a month Kevin holds a prayer meeting where a small group meets to pray for those things the Holy Spirit places on our hearts, internationally, nationally and locally. We finish by praying for any personal situations represented in the group. It always feels that we have done ‘business with God’ and feels very important.


Christmas 2017

Kevin is planning a mixed media Christmas project for many students to engage with and the annual Christmas party is arranged for the Friday evening, December 22nd.


The Art Studio continues to develop with new students attending and new openings. Many comment on the peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. Kevin prayer each day is that there is a work of the Holy Spirit going on. Each week this is demonstrated by the people that come and the natural openings in conversation. Several families are being befriended and a number of adults have found the space and time in The Art Studio very beneficial in more ways than one. The art is clearly therapeutic and artistic expression helps the student to converse often about things going on in their lives. Kevin feel’s the weekly opportunities in The Art Studio are similar to Jesus’ encounter with ‘the woman at the well’, so underpinning everything in prayer is so important.

Mayor Award – I was awarded a share in the Mayor’s Award for my work with young people over the course of the past year. I was photographed at the Kings House with the Mayor.

Overall, I am encouraged in the various ministry opportunities and seeing the work growing steadily. Please continue to pray for me for wisdom, covering protection and boldness to seize the opportunities as they are given, thank you.

Kevin Moore