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The world needs a continuous tapestry of prayer for the needy, the sick, the dying, the innocent, the vulnerable. We can bring the areas of injustice, of war, of suffering to the living God in our humble prayers. We can pray, pray, pray until our prayers make a difference. The Bible illustrates that our prayers are heard and acted upon in heaven by the Highest authority, the One true, living God Almighty.


May this artwork inspire you to pray for someone, some event, some needy situation going on in the world today.

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Jesus knew the secret power of prayer. Prayer is communion with the Father God.

Prayer is listening to God, prayer is interceding for situations in the world, prayer is battling in the heavenlies in spiritual warfare.

In Christ we pray in authority, in the authority of His name, the name of Jesus, the Son of God.


You can build prayer into your day, whilst you walk the dog, drive into town, jog, garden, etc.

Our prayers are heard and acted upon in heaven by the Highest authority, the Lord Almighty.

The Bible states that we can pray with confidence in the name of Jesus.

If you would like to pray for me then the above slide will give you some key areas to pray through, thank you so much, I do so value prayer.

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The weaponry is mighty for the pulling down of strongholds.

We can pray in the authority of the name of Jesus and pray with others who are like minded, with faith in the living God.

We can take a stand against evil in the world, injustice, war, violence, immorality, corruption.

We can pray into situations and ask the Lord for His transforming power to be released.

We can pray for miracles, for His intervention.

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You may want to start with your family, your Church,

your local school & community, your Government & your nation,

the wider world & items on the news, the needy & those who are sick & unwell.

For inspiration look at the A-Z Of Prayer.

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The world needs a continuous tapestry of prayer…

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Children can be caught up in prayer & be open to the Holy Spirit, they can teach adults a thing of two!     

A child was praying and the Holy Spirit told him how to pray. He found his teacher the next day in the classroom.

“Sir, the Holy Spirit told me how to pray.” “What did He say, replied the teacher as he cleaned the board?” “He told me to talk to Him for 5 minutes and then listen for 5 minutes.” explained the pupil.

The teacher froze and in the silence that followed, nodded in acknowledgement that this was indeed wisdom from on high.

‘Prayer shakes us up & enables the Holy Spirit to do a deep work within, giving us a passion for lost souls outside of God’s Kingdom. This awakening is not of our doing but a move of the Spirit deep within, turning our priorities to Kingdom concerns, aligning our heartbeat with His, filling our lives with His compassion & mercy.’

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Prayershakers contains Biblical teaching, anecdotes, practical examples, quotations from prayer warriors & personal examples of how the Lord works to promote prayerful response. There will be opportunities to pray in different ways on different themes, teaching people how to be creative in prayer. The Prayershaker events are designed to encourage, teach, inspire & challenge as well as give practical ways for churches to continue ongoing effective, powerful prayer meetings.

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Prayer works, it changes things by releasing God’s power.

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If you don’t know how to pray, please pray about it!

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In order to advance the Kingdom of God we need to keep in step with the Holy Spirit. To be in step with the Spirit requires us to seek Him and His ways and put into practice the things He guides us to do. Moses in the Old Testament is a good example of someone encountering God and seeking Him.

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 Moses was a humble man of prayer who encountered God and took His words to Pharoah.

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The Bible states that Jesus is now interceding for people on the earth.

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You can book Kevin to speak in your Church on prayer or join him with a faithful group at Prayershakers.