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How will you use your hands & feet this year?

How will you use  your hands & feet this year? Will you create masterpieces; mould clay statues; shape your garden; perform a musical solo; win a 100 games of chess; will you type many articles; design murals? How will you use your hands? This picture of my clay hands made whilst at art college inspire me to write, draw & design. Whatever I do I want to do to His glory, after all, He has given everything to me in the first place so it is right & fair to give it all back to serve Him & please Him.

Before going further into your day, spend a few minutes to consider prayerfully how you will use your hands this day, this week, this month, this year. Give your thoughts to the Lord, allow Him to make it possible, to guide you to achieve those things He has planned for you to achieve with His blessing  & pleasure. Meditate on Ephesians 2:10 & see how you are His workmanship, created for His purpose. See how you can be highly effective as you abide in Him & His word [read John 15]. Allow Him to speak into your life as you spend time with Him, obey His leading & guiding in your life, [see Revelation 3:20]. If you are encouraged in anyway, inspired in any handiwork, spurred on in your holy faith, why not write & let me know to encourage me!

How will you use your feet? You will no doubt walk many miles & overcome all kinds of obstacles on route. In 2012 I was fortunate to have some days walking in the Himalayan mountains. I climbed mountain paths up to 3500 metres. The oxygen was less after 2000 metres & it made for hard work on the climbs. Each day I enjoyed my restful sleep, although the temperature was cold & the nights starry & beautiful. I passed yaks, mountain horses, two kinds of monkeys, lots of unique birds & some Tibetan people living in remote villages. Reaching my goal after two days walking was a great feeling. My feet were sore, my limbs aching but it was an exhilarating feeling. Langtang Lirang, a large mountain [7,227 metres/23,711 feet] was looming within half a mile away, an awesome peak. ‘Wow’, I said, ‘what a wonderful sight, You made that too, Lord!‘ As I praised Him in my heart I couldn’t help think of the book: Hinds Feet In High Places, a recommended read.

The picture above is one of the mountains in the Himalayan range taken from the plane, 35000 feet up!  I enclose a list of the top ten mountains all over 8000 metres.

As we walked there were opportunities to witness to people as we walked & where we stayed overnight. We gave out Nepalese tracts & bibles, we shared our testimony of how we came to faith in Christ. I wanted to ask how we might use our feet in our lifetime, this year, this month, this week? How can we bring the gospel of peace into situations where there is strife? How can bring the Good News of hope in Jesus to people that do not know Him? How can we take the light of Christ into dark places? Is the Holy Spirit asking us to go, to take out the Good News? Please meditate on Romans 10, a challenging chapter of Scripture, where the apostle Paul asks the five ‘how’ questions. Think about your country, your situation, your community, the people on your heart & ask Him where, how, when, who? The Holy Spirit will guide us as we pray, He will open the way, He will illuminate our hearts & minds & shed His wisdom into our situation. Is there anything too hard for the Lord?

The Himalayas boasts many of the top mountains & Langtang Lirang is within the top 100 mountains in the world. On the map of the Nepalese mountains you can see Mount Everest is just a few hours away. Nepal is situated between China & India in Asia & it is one of the poorest countries in the world.


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 In His mighty & everlasting grip,

Kevin Moore – Face2Face Educational Trust

Kevin is available to speak in your church if you would like him to come in the new year.

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