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Quotations from folks attending events


SKETCHPAD an inspirational residential for young people aged 10-16 years, was launched by Kevin in August 2012. This brand new Face2Face holiday proved to be creative masterpiece. The holiday was about sharpening artistic skills & developing confidence to express.

‘It was more than good, it was brill, can’t wait to come next year!’


We explored various mediums, including pencil, conte, charcoal, watercolour pencil, mixed media, graphite & watercolour painting. Everyone was given a sketchpad on day one & most had finished their pad come the end of the week. We produced many creative pieces of work per day.

We sometimes worked outside in the local fields, capturing some of the beauty of the rural landscape. One day we spent some time in the local country park & immediately had mute swans coming close & posing for us.

‘Sketchpad was exciting, a great holiday for young people. Everyone learnt so much & had great fun too!’


Checkmate was way beyond good!


‘What a brilliant half term adventure!’

Young people & team assembled at the Chellington Centre near the Harold Odell country park in rural Bedfordshire.

Checkmate quote from one lad to another:

‘The chocolate sauce is the best in the world!’

People travelled from Oxford, Brentwood, Southend, Barking, Thetford, London, Southampton, Fleet, Pontyprith & Paris to experience Checkmate 2012. It was to prove a memorable & exciting young people’s holiday in a lovely centre full of character.

‘The games were fab & giving out the free bibles was an inspired move!’

‘It goes so quickly, if only it could be on for two weeks!’

Kevin has been running an art based weekly club for people aged 10-80 years of age.  He recently asked what people appreciated about Sketchclub.

‘I like the way you learn, learn & learn so much each week.’

‘It’s great to be in an environment where you are encouraged to be creative. I love it!’

Kevin does children & youth work in several churches:

‘The light party was the best ever. When are you coming again?’

In a school recently I was introduced  to the children in the following way:

Some of you know Mr Moore as the ‘chess man’,  some of you know Mr Moore as the ‘art man’. Today he is here opening up the Bible using some of his wonderful pictures.’

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