Over the past few years Kevin Moore has set up six boards in the forecourt of King Street Baptist Church on the first Saturday of each month from March to September [into November if the weather permits!]. In 2015 the work was particularly exciting with many coming to chat and play as soon as Kevin had set up the boards. Kevin takes on the players who sit the other side of the tables and develops conversation as appropriate. Often players will have family members watching and good conversations occur. Kevin will hand publicity about the Thetford Chess Club during the game so that they have the opportunity to come to other events based at The Art Studio. Sometimes this has led to conversations about the work in The Art Studio where Kevin works for a fair chunk of the week. Occasionally this has led to conversations about wider issues like imperfect world we live in, the state of the national political parties, faith issues & other topics that inspire us.

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The encouragement for Kevin has been that four people met over the board in the forecourt have regularly come to either the art or chess clubs run at The Art Studio in 2015. Four people who were complete strangers have now become regular attenders over many months and in some cases are bringing others to the classes, one lad has recently brought two of his friends, another man is planning to bring his children to a games evening. One man has now been to Life drawing as well as Sketchclub, a weekly club for 8-70 plus years. This encouragement spurs Kevin on in the Street Chess ministry aimed to engage with people walking up and down King Street. In addition to the people who come to play and engage, there are other folk who watch from the beyond the wall out of curiosity, others who know Kevin will come and say ‘ hello’ and sometimes chat. It is a point of connection in the community and gives an opportunity to befriend people in Thetford by offering something educational and attractive, that helps build concentration skills. Kevin plans to do the same in the years to come and may even offer some other Saturday afternoons when under blue skies. If you would like to join Kevin you are most welcome. Kevin sets up from 12.00pm to 2.30/3pm on the first Saturday of each month [weather permitting].

Kevin Moore

5648_113510558623_5193677_nSTOP PRESS: Kevin has offered some chess ministry at The Gathering 2016, a weekend for 2000 plus men in a field near Swindon. The offer has been well received…

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Kevin also runs Checkmate, a residential holiday for young people aged 9-17 years. Kevin has written the Checkmate gospel, a booklet that makes a connection with biblical truths and the game of chess. To purchase a copy or copies contact Kevin.